Organic Lip Kit Trio Offer


PLEASE NOTE: These are the last few remaining and do contain bees wax, so do not fall under our Vegan accreditation.

Buy Any 3 Lip Balm Kits For £45 (Normal price £17/£18 each..)

My aim has always been “…to make pure, natural, organic skincare accessible to all” and one thing that has been niggling me of late is that we only have one Little Soap School and thus we can’t reach out and share our recipes and ingredients and the know how about green skincare with everyone… so came the idea of bringing our Little Soap School to your kitchen table to give a taster of how to home make our soaps, balms and other green products…

Perfect presents to create some “me time” or buy these kits as gifts for a lip balm addict or someone with creative flair!

These kits each makes 4 lip balms so you can give the extras as gifts to friends or spread them out so you’re never without – favourite places amid the team here for lurking tins are in coat pockets, the bottom of handbags, car glove boxes, desk drawers, make up bags, gym bags


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Our Organic Lip Balm Kits contain all the pre-measured organic ingredients, packaging and equipment you’ll need to make four deep tins of organic lip balm, complete with labels. Simply follow the instructions – melting everything together on your hob, filling the tins and adding the labels.

Are the kits suitable for children? Our kits aren’t aimed specifically at children – they are really adult kits but they can be enjoyed as much by youngsters and teens too! The ingredients require melting over a heat so please ensure children are supervised at all times as the mixture can get very hot – my goddaughter Jess is 8 and loved making them, but equally we think children as young as 6 with an interest would love getting involved too….

* Currently available in three kits: Lavender and Citrus, Peppermint and Unscented (aimed at those with allergies to essential oils and very sensitive skin).

Each kits makes 4 tins of balm of the same flavour.

– We will also bring out limited edition fragrances throughout the year!

Box Contents: Shea Butter*, Avocado Oil*, Beeswax*, Essential Oil, 4 large 15ml tins, 4 labels, Full instructions. *organic

All our products have undergone the necessary testing to meet EU standards for skincare.

What you need to make the balms:

  • Saucepan
  • Heat proof bowl or jug to act as a ban marie over the saucepan
  • Water
  • Chopstick or spoon to stir the oils together
  • All else is in the box!

Box Size: Length: 8cm x Height 9.5cm x Depth 8cm