Summer Skincare: Q&A with Kyushi founder Alice Moore

Summer Skincare: Q&A with Kyushi founder Alice! Summer is officially here and the UK is currently enjoying higher temperatures at last. But is your skin enjoying this season too? This week, we’re delighted to bring you a summer skincare Q&A with Kyushi founder, Alice Moore. Alice is a health coach and facialist-  you can catch up with her over at, on Facebook and on Instagram too. Read on to discover Alice’s top skincare and lifestyle tips for summer 2020.

During COVID-19 lockdown, we’ve all got used to a slower pace of living and staying closer to home is the norm right now.  What are your thoughts on what it means to keep a slower life overall, and how we fulfil our summer wanderlust in the time of pandemic? 

For me, my life has been very fast paced for a good 10 years now, one of the positives I’ve taken from lockdown is having a moment to actually pause for longer than a few minutes and breathe. A slower paced life allows you to bask in those precious moments with loved ones, reconnect to yourself and give your body, mind and spirit some nourishment it’s been craving. My hope is as we venture back into our new normal is that we remember the importance of all these things and make them priority, rather than a luxury. I’m blessed with a beautiful garden in the countryside and having nature on my doorstep is a gift. I think COVID-19 will encourage us to discover the beauty of England, which we have normally taken for granted.

We’re in a world of double cleansing and multiple layers of skincare.  It can be hard to identify the essentials for travel – what do we need for a simple but strong routine when we’re away? 

When I travel, it’s mostly for work and sleep is crucial, so my evening and morning routine isn’t very fancy for a facialist/makeup artist – I’m all about the beauty sleep. My go to’s are always a great cleanser (Kyushi Organic Cleansing Oil £58/100ml,, doubles up an extra moisturiser), an enzyme exfoliater, a hydrating mist or serum and my Kyushi face oil minis. Even this pared back skincare routine means I’m covered for anything life throws at me and my skin.

Green beauty has come a long way but the packaging can still be a real challenge, environmental impact wise. Do you have any favourite brand gems that are green in their packaging as well as their content?  

It’s come such a long way, I’m excited that the big guns are starting to make the shift towards a more environmentally friendly future as it Summer Skincare: Q&A with Kyushi founder Alice it easier for small brands like my own to be able to access some great packaging without having to sky rocket our prices. Tabitha James Kraan is a huge inspiration for me, her products are divine and her packaging is so thoughtfully considered. Tabitha is also the pioneer for creating a more conscious future in terms of ingredients, our health and our impact on the planet.

Travel and being away from home can take its toll on skin.  What are your top tips to keep skin healthy and glowing, and to recover from travel after a trip?

Am I allowed to answer with face oil? Haha. As someone who’s skin is a window to my insides, my soul and my emotions I have a strict travel routine. Lots of water, supplements to help support my body like Omegas, chlorella, and other immune support. If I’m flying for example, I won’t wear makeup and I will nourish my skin as much as I can on the ground and in the air. My Kyushi Jasmine Lavender and Cedarwood face oil (£39/30ml, is my go to for a night flight as the essential oil blend soothes, calms and induces a state of relaxation, whilst the Squalane and Jojoba Oils deeply moisturise and regnerate. I also take a hydrating hyraulanic acid mist on the plane and sometimes I’ll even do a hydrating sheet mask (biodegradable and organic) on the plane – yep I’m that girl! My biggest piece of advice if you want to step of the plane glowing – avoid alcohol on the plane, it’s basically going to suck all the moisture out of your skin and leave you looking tired and feeling rubbish, who wants that?

The journey of building Kyushi has obviously brought together so much of your past expertise and ethos, and is strong in holistic wellness.  What advice would you give to encourage people to do to build good skin from within? 

Yes, I’m a firm believer in caring for your skin from within whilst using high performance products. Drink lots of filtered water but add back in trace minerals, eat lots of vegetables- a variety and dark leafy ones daily, exercise to work up a sweat, do regular lymphatic drainage and facial massage. Anything you can do to reduce your stress and increase your sleep will do wonders for your health and it will show in your skin.

What has leading Kyushi meant for you, and what’s next for the business? 

I feel so grateful that I’ve been able to connect with some incredible, inspiring people on my Kyushi journey so far. My clients continue to floor me with their experiences, kindness and results. I have an amazing business coach who encourages me to connect to my ‘why’ every day. My ‘why’ for Kyushi is to empower my clients to take control of their skin, through educating, supporting and cheering them on. I’ve never been about the hard sell. I’m actually not the best business women but I’m learning whilst staying true to myself, I want people to regain their confidence and feel happy in themselves, every time someone gives me this feedback I do a happy dance!

Oooh next for Kyushi, well I’ve just launched my Kyushi Organic Cleansing Oil (£58/100ml, with a limited edition collaboration with ‘In Praise Of The Fold’ which I’m super excited about. I have a few things in the pipeline before Christmas but next year Kyushi wellness will hopefully be in full swing, we’re planning a beautiful clinic in the countryside, a little time in London and hopefully some amazing retreats. Lots of facials, skin love and health journeys! It’s in its infancy but here’s to manifesting!!