Q&A with Jane Scrivner

Q&A with Jane Scrivner_LIttleSoapCompany.co.ukThis week we’re delighted to bring you a Q&A between old friends!  Emma has a solid friendship with the wonderful Jane Scrivner, owner and founder of the multi-award winning Jane Scrivner skincare, with over 30 years experience in her field.  Cotswolds based, Jane and Emma like to get together now and then and so we intruded on their most recent lunch in our favourite local haunt Broadway Deli! Emma chatted to Jane about her experience running her own – highly successful – business, her tips for winter skincare, and the things she’s looking forward to in 2020. Enjoy!

As a woman in business, who inspires you in your journey?

I don’t consider myself specifically “a woman in business”.  I’m simply in business, and trying to keep it thriving and surviving whilst also growing and blossoming.  Anyone that “does” is inspiring to me – I mean, someone who decides on something, who takes a stance and carries on, someone who reveals the truth about things. Everyone has a story.  The people who do something about “the stuff that gets in the way” – those people are inspiring!

How do you believe women can support other women most effectively in business? 

By being kind, being supportive, appreciating the work, helping where they can, sharing stories, sharing contact, sharing information and experiences and not considering that anything is competition.

What has been most important to you in building your own business? 

Getting up everyday and doing it!  Taking each day to develop and create a business that we are proud of and that has integrity and isn’t built on marketing, but built on open honesty.

What’s your connection to Emma, and what 3 words would you use to describe your relationship with each other?  

We met by connecting on social media, seeing that we were pretty much doing the same thing and that we were practically neighbours it made sense to get together.  I’m totally going to cheat on the 3 words!  #sharedexperiences honesty and laughter.  

As we’re in January, even though it’s pretty mild, the central heating and lower temperatures are rather dehydrating.  What tips do you have to switch up our winter skincare in order to keep a healthy glow going?

Scooby snacks, just as you would for yourself, keep it fed, keep it warm, keep it hydrated and keep it protected.  Apply little and often simply applying more, once a day won’t work, apply regularly to keep the ‘condition’  Eat well, eat healthily, eat omega rich, vitamin rich and enjoy life, a smile is the best skincare – and sleep well, it’s not called Beauty Sleep for nothing.

Do you have any additional tips for very sensitive skin during winter? 

Look at the source of the sensitivity – an external fact/condition or a normal skin situation – sensitivity can be addressed so sort the source not the symptom.

What are your “super powered tips” on health or diet to keep your skin in the best possible condition?

Skincare 5 A Day –  make sure your skin is cleansed, exfoliated, hydrated, nourished and protected – all day, every day.  It’s too easy to slackQ&A with Jane Scrivner_LittleSoapCompany.co.uk on skincare when the mornings are dark and the evenings draw in but it’s the most important time to follow a skincare routine – the wintry conditions are set to work against even the healthiest of skin. Apply, apply, apply.

What does 2020 have in store for you – any special events or ventures on the horizon?

Keeping the ‘legs’ of our business stable whilst managing growth and more European distribution.  More products that mean something to skin and a trip to inspire.

What do you hope for more of in your life this year? 

MORE yoga, golf, cocktails, cashmere, cardamom and cinnabar.  MORE of LESS too, deliberate attempt to cut down, less flying, less buying, more mending, more recycling…Oh! And more lunches with EHJ!

How do you like to relax when you’re off duty? 

See above! And millinery.

Finally, what have you read, watched or visited lately that’s made an impact on you? 

Most recently I went to the Anthony Gormley at the RA, his massive pieces with pure, raw simplicity had impact and effect.  Andrew Goldsworthy “Ephemeral works” was the latest book of his that depicts his use of nature in sculpture – again, beauty in simplicity, pare things down to get them to the essence of stunning. Job done!  I have enjoyed watching Phoebe Waller Bridge who is having a purple patch of just the most talented talent.  Incredible to see someone that has that much versatility and can produce such varied, prolific work.  I wonder how that brain looks from the inside and what it’s like to live with that imagination!  I don’t expect it ever gets low on volume.

Thank you Jane for taking the time to chat with us.  We’re wishing you health and happiness for 2020!