Self Care: Three Little Home Remedies

Here at Little Soap HQ we’re huge advocates of self care- and since this week is Self Care Week, we thought it only right to address the issue on the blog! Taking the time out of your busy day to do something for yourself, no matter how small, is so incredibly important. We live in a world dominated by fast moving, digital deadlines and ever increasing pressures from work, social media and life in general- so taking care of our own mental health has never been so important. Self care is not a ‘dirty word’- in fact, its an essential part of life if we are to get through unscathed! So without further ado, we bring you three little home remedies to eliminate stress, to relax and soothe, and to help you make the most of Self Care Week-this week, and every week!Self Care:Three Little Home Remedies_

Take a long soak in the bath

It goes without saying! And, of course, we recommend using our beautiful bath products while you do it too. But this truly isn’t the hard sell. Chances are you’re reading this because you already know how much love and passion we pour into our soaps, but just in case, here’s a little reminder…

Natural ingredientsSelf Care:Three Little Home Remedies_

We only use natural ingredients that have been carefully selected to make the most of bath time. We’ve also selected specific essential oils with the intention to relax, soothe and calm you too. Our Pure Rose Geranium bubble bath is totally free from detergents, SLS, alcohol, parabens, sorbates, silicons, sulphites and preservatives- and not only that, but the Rose Geranium essential oil will work wonders for your skin.

Rose Geranium has many health benefits and is chosen as an aromatherapy oil because of it. Amongst it’s super powers, Rose Geranium will work as a holistic treatment to nurture and maintain physical, mental and emotional health. It’s also used to balance hormones, reduce inflammation and alleviate anxiety, so it’s perfect for a little indulgence when you need it.

Whether you go for the Rose Geranium, or the Pure English Lavender, a long hot bath is a must if you really want to get on board with self care remedies this week.

Unplug from social media

Ten years ago, social media was really only just emerging- and nobody knew back then just how massive it was going to be. And there are so many benefits to being online. From keeping in touch with friends and family from afar, to connecting and networking with like minded individuals for work, pleasure and entertainment… nobody can argue that the boom of social media has been amazing. But- and it’s a big but!- there has to be a limit.

As we scroll through our timelines, what are we missing in ‘real life? Are we connecting fully with this around us? Are we living intentionally every day when our noses are stuck in Facebook or Instagram? And then there are the pressures that social media can bring- the constant barrage of what we should be doing, how we should be dressing, what we should be eating. It becomes more and more difficult not to compare our lives with the polished versions we see online, and more often than not we can feel as though we more than pale in comparison.

Stop it! Unplug yourself, NOW! Get offline regularly and find relaxing, soothing activities that help you to feel rested, restored and confident. Social media definitely has it’s place, but make if you’re serious about self care then a regular digital detox is a fantastic idea. Read this post on how to do it, and this post on the effects being online can have on your health.

Have a facial

Your face is usually the first thing people see when they look at you every day, and the marker upon which we form opinions of ourselves. When we’re tired or under the weather it tends to show in our face first, and that’s why the power of a really good facial should never be underestimated. They’re great for your skin, and for your emotional wellbeing too.

You can pay good money for a really good facial, but you don’t have to. Here’s a really quick, natural facial you can try at home…

You need:

  • A gentle facial cleanser
  • An exfoliating scrub
  • A bowl of hot water and a towel for steaming
  • A face mask
  • Moisturiser

Self Care:Three Little Home Remedies_ a fantastic natural facial cleanser, you can use our Organic Unperfumed Bar Soap for Sensitive Skin, and if you’re worried about using soap on your face then please don’t! Read this post for more information on why you can and should use natural soap on your face.

If you want to make your own exfoliator, there are three of our favourites in this post, or you can shop around for one that contains natural and organic ingredients. And if you’re up for making your own face mask, we’ve shared lots of recipes on the blog previously. This post has three recipes that are guaranteed to get your skin glowing!

Finally, a really good moisturiser is so important when you indulge in your at home facial. We love coconut oil for it’s simplicity, and  you can also use the all natural facial moisturiser recipe in this post.