Sharing favourite eco brands on world earth

Sharing Favourite Eco Brands on World Earth Day

22nd April is World Earth Day, and here at Little Soap HQ it’s a campaign that has always been close to our hearts. This year’s message is very simple: “NOW is the time for the unstoppable courage to preserve and protect our health, our families and our livelihoods… we need to act (boldly), innovate (broadly) and implement (equitably)… A partnership for the planet.” It’s time to invest in our planet, to change the way we do our business so that we can preserve a prosperous future.

And as consumers, we can do this by shopping only with brands who share the same mission. Brands who are sustainable, transparent and open to learning and improving. And so, without further ado, we’d like to introduce some of our favourite eco brands on World Earth Day. These are the brands we need to support, so that we can build a better future.

Spruce Cleaning

A fellow B-Corp brand Spruce Cleaning was created by Mahira, with a strong and clear aim in mind: “to make cleaning a cleaner experience for everyone”. But what exactly does this mean, and how does it fit in this World Earth Day?

Spruce Cleaning are all about health: ours, and the planet’s. Mahira says, “For decades, we’ve trusted cleaning brands to keep us safe. But here’s the truth: regulations for what can – and can’t – be added to these products haven’t changed in decades.”- and she goes on to add that toxic cleaning chemicals, along with the plastics that we’re constantly ingesting and pumping into the oceans are having a detrimental affect on both our health and the environment.

So how are Spruce Cleaning products different, and how good are they? For a start, the brand has a complete ban on single use plastic (buy an Eternity bottle, and once it’s empty, your plastic-free refills are shipped straight to your door) and a promise to you that you need never throw away another cleaning bottle ever again. In addition, Spruce Cleaning use only ingredients that are safe- for humans and for the planet. No harsh chemicals, pesticides, synthetic fragrances or optical brighteners. 100% free from the cocktail of toxic chemicals lots of other cleaning products contain.

We just LOVE Spruce Cleaning, and we think you will too. Check out their amazing Starter Kit here.


We love &Sisters here at Little Soap. They’re a true World Earth Day brand, created by mothers and daughter duo, Lucy and Claire, who are on a mission to “reimagine the future of female health, starting with safe, sustainable and beautifully designed period products.”- and the result of their hard work and dedication is amazing. &Sisters products are not only better for our bodies, they’e better for the planet too. Plus, the brand work hard to support campaigns that strive to provide all women across the globe with access to proper period products. They donate at least 1% of income annually to non-profits worldwide, as proud members of the 1% for the planet community.

Additionally, &Sisters period products also ensure they maintain 100% transparency surrounding all that they do- so that you always know what you’re buying into. This means transparency about their products, their ingredients and their production processes too. &Sisters only us the highest quality, natural ingredients for their products, and continually carry out rigorous testing to improve and ensure that YOU are buying products that will care for your body. And as &Sisters say,

“We’re dedicated to using the most earth-friendly ingredients and processes out there. As a certified B Corp we are help you help the planet and its inhabitants – we do everything we can to reduce the environmental impact of period products.”

Pretty awesome, huh? Check out their Subscribe & Save program now.

Y.O.U Underwear

The brainchild of Sarah, Y.O.U Underwear was created after a trip to East Africa in 2016. Sarah traveled out there for community volunteer work as part of the Uganda Marathon and was immediately struck by the how many women and children she met who did not have access to underwear- something we all take for granted here in the UK. Sarah says, “I believe that underwear should be universally available to people in all communities. To take steps towards making this a reality, I decided to create a business that sells underwear on a buy-one-give-two model. It’s really quite simple!”- and we have to agree!

Sarah acknowledges the fact that, through Y.O.U, she is attempting to change the world, one pair of pants at a time- and we just love her for it! The brand has strong sustainability policies that mean everything they do is with the intention of having a positive impact on the environment, helping them to align strongly with the values of World Earth Day. They also support a number of causes, by donating underwear and supporting menstrual hygiene projects, increasing access to education and employment for vulnerable women and girls, and working with India’s leading ethical and sustainable manufacturer to ensure nobody is exploited in their supply chain.

So when you buy from Y.O.U, you are literally helping to save the world, one pair of pants at a time! Check out their amazing product range now.