Shop Small this Christmas

Shop Small this Christmas

Hot on the heels of Small Business Saturday earlier this month, and let’s not forget the craziness of Black Friday (more on why we don’t acknowledge that ‘holiday’ later!)- we wanted to send out a little reminder on behalf of all small businesses this festive season: don’t forget us! It’s so easy to get caught up in the mayhem of spend, spend, spend. After all, that’s all we’re seeing now each and every time we turn on the TV or log on to social media. But before you part with your hard-earned cash (and we know that for so many of us, that cash really is hard-earned), please think about who you’re investing with. There are so many fantastic small businesses out there who truly need your support, now more than ever. And there are so many reasons to shop small this Christmas! Here are just three…

Shop Small this Christmas

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Small businesses rely on you

Sorry to be so blunt, and we don’t mean to put you under pressure… but we need you. Times are tough for us all, and for small businesses, times are really tough. We simply cannot compete with large retailers who are able to slash their prices for extended periods of time. Because let’s face it, events like Black Friday aren’t just one day. They start earlier and earlier each year, and often they’re extended too. So many small businesses struggle to keep up and end up suffering due to the greed of big businesses. 

Plus, is it really a bargain?

According to Which?, “98% of products that were on sale on Black Friday 2021 were actually cheaper or the same as their Black Friday price at other times in the year. ” and in their 2022 investigation, they found that “86% of the items had also been the same price or cheaper in the six months before Black Friday.”

You know the old saying- if it seems too good to be true, it probably is! In contrast, when you shop small you know that you’re getting a truly genuine product. We’re not here to pull the wool over your eyes. We truly appreciate every single sale we make, and when you shop with us we most likely are doing a happy dance to celebrate!

When you shop small, you support local communities 

When you choose gifts from the quirky shop in your town, you’re directly supporting your own community. And in doing so you’re helping to support the UK economy too. 

Supporting independent businesses in your own community goes a long way. It brings joy, but it also keeps your money local, boosts the economy and helps to support the entrepreneurs we need to keep our communities thriving. This helps to keep jobs local, and your own neighbourhood alive. What more can we say?! When you shop small, you bring happiness and vitality to your very own doorstep. 

When you shop small you support ethical business practises

Shop Small this Christmas

When you shop small and turn your back on big retailers, you support ethical business practises. This means you’re supporting fair wages and better working conditions. You’re supporting transparent business practises- meaning you know where your purchase comes from, how the materials are sourced and where they’re manufactured.

Here at Little Soap, we’re proud of our roots- we’ll always be transparent about where our ingredients are sourced and how our soap is made. We’re also super proud to be a B Corp brand, which means that we’ve been recognised as a business that is ethical and responsible, focused not on profit, but on improving the planet. Focused on creating a fairer and more inclusive society. Focused on being sustainable, and part of a movement to lead the way towards a better way. We also like to give back, via education, ethical practices and engagement in environmental causes and charities. 

And there are other small businesses like this too. Small businesses who deserve your attention this Christmas. Ok, so we can’t match the huge price drops that the major brands are able to tempt you with, but we can make up for that in so many better ways!