Skin Care Secrets: The Power of Facial Massage

It’s that time of year again. The seasons are about to change and with these changes we must now start to think about adjusting our beauty regimes to match the flow of Mother Nature. You might not realise it, but your skin has been under a fair amount of stress just lately. Even with the very best of intentions, sometimes the stress of added sunlight, increased temperatures and other environmental factors can leave our skin feeling a little unloved. But never fear! This week we’re sharing some skin care secrets: the power of facial massage. This might be just what you need to give your complexion a much needed boost for a renewed, glowing you!

Skin care secrets- power of facial massage_ benefits of facial massage

While we’re often taught that touching our face isn’t great for our skin, the opposite can in fact be true. Facial massage has some huge benefits, which we believe everyone needs to know about!

Because the face is a hive of nerves and pleasure points, a facial massage can be one of the most luxuriously relaxing treats you can give yourself and there are practical benefits too. A good facial massage can help to improve mood and reduce stress levels, whilst at the same time reducing the risk of wrinkles too. Because you’re less stressed during and after a facial massage, you’re less likely to hold tension in your face and, because there is increased blood flow to the area, your skin is definitely going to benefit.

Facial massage can also help with relieving allergy symptoms such as congestion and studies have also found that it can also help to detoxify the body too. Facial massage stipulates the lymphatic vessels and aids in the elimination of toxins. Making time for a facial massage regularly will help to reduce build up of toxins and keep the complexion clear and radiant as a result. Sound good? Read on to find out how to perform your own facial massage at home…


Ok, so we’re all busy people. And sometimes we just don’t have the time in our busy schedules to get to a salon and sit there for a relaxing facial massage – no matter how good we know it will be for us. But that’s ok! Life is busy and sometimes there’s little we can do to change that. But that doesn’t mean you need to miss out. Yes, you can give yourself a facial massage – and this is how to do it.

First, remember that is IS ok to touch your face! Obviously, make sure your hands are clean – and go for it! When it comes to skin care, our hands are amazing tools and the power of touch is truly amazing. So don’t be afraid. Go for it. But remember to be gentle and use mindful movements.

It’s good to know that different parts of the face have different pressure points, so paying particular attention to certain places will have different results. Facial massage can also be used to treat specific tensions in the body. For example, if you have a headache, you can gently pinch your eyebrows at the inner edge with your thumb and index finger. Repeat at least five times. You can also gently massage the temples with your index and middle fingers, then glide towards the under eye area towards the bridge of your nose then up and over the eyebrow. Return to the temple without removing your fingers from the face. This is another wonderful way to treat a headache.

If you’re feeling particularly stressed, try gently massaging along your jaw in circular motions. Use your index and ring finger and work towards your chin until your jaw begins to feel relaxed. You can also massage your scalp, using a little more pressure than on your face if you’re comfortable. Start at the back of your scalp, at the base of your skull, and feel the tension melt away.

There are many YouTube tutorials for facial massage that can help guide you, but the best way to learn is to simply begin and listen to your body. If it feels nice, you’re on the right track. And if you’re still not sure, go and treat yourself to a professional massage, and pay attention to the way that it’s done so that you can repeat it at home when you need to.

When to do it?

There’s no time limits for facial massage, and no ‘best time’ to do it either. Take as long as you like, and you can start and/or end your day with a facial massage if you wish. It’s an act of self care that will help you to connect your body and mind, and give your skin a radiant boost too. Perfect!