Skin care Tips for Spring

Hoorah! Spring is on the way- finally!- and here at Little Soap HQ we’re loving the little signs Mother Nature is sending our way. Warmer temperatures, the first blooms pushing up towards the skies, and if course a band new, spruced up beauty regime. As regular readers will know, as the seasons change so does our skin, and it’s needs. This means that our beauty regimes need to adapt and change with the seasons. Last week we wrote about spring cleaning the home, and this week we’re all about spring cleaning the skin. Here are out top skin care tips for spring.

Skin care Tips for out the sun screen now

Experts agree that we should be protecting our skin from the sun’s harmful rays between April and October, so now is the time to start thinking about sun screen. Yes, ok so the weather isn’t exactly blazing sunshine, but don’t let that fool you. The UV rays are still able to penetrate the clouds and your skin needs the protection year round- now more than ever. If you prepare your skin now, you’ll thank us in the summer!

The problem here is that most sun screens you buy in the shops contain an insane amount of chemicals and other nasty bits- so you want to avoid them if you can. Make your own sunscreen, like this one from Wellness Mama, or if are sure you do your research well. Read the ingredients label and don’t buy anything you’re not sure about.

What you put inside your body counts too. Foods that are high in vitamin C are fantastic for your skin because they have antioxidant properties that will help to reduce skin damage-such as dark spots and wrinkles caused by the sun.


We’re firm believers in the power of exfoliation simply because we know exactly how beneficial it is for your skin, and especially as the seasons change. Now is the time to literally remove your winter skin, and make room for a new glowing you! Make your own super quick and gentle exfoliator by using the inside of an avocado skin. Simple, but so effective! If you have more time, you can also use the recipes in this post and have your own little spa day at home.


A detox is NOT a diet, let’s get that straight. Of course, a side effect of a good detox may well be weight loss, but the important thing is to understand the other, many, heath benefits it can bring. As you prep your skin ready for the spring and summer, you’re going to need to spring clean what goes into your body too. A detox is going to help clean your skin from the inside out, so now is a great time to try a one or two day cleanse.

Embarking upon a detox may sound daunting at first, so before you make any decisions read this post to understand more about how to detox, or this post on cutting sugar from your diet.  Arm yourself with the facts, research the foods you need to fuel your body and your skin and bask in the glory of beautifully glowing skin and abundant energy!