Spotlight on our pamper

Spotlight on our Pamper Packs

Can you believe its February already? And with the start of this new month, of course, we’re looking ahead to the one and only Valentines Day! This year, we’re all about self -care and self-love (its been a hard couple of years, hasn’t it?) so we’re focusing a spotlight on our pamper packs- just in case you need a reminder on how to take the time out for you. And in case you need some gift inspiration too. Enjoy!

The Organic Pure Lavender Pamper Pack

Spotlight on our pamper

Ah, lavender. With its warm, spicy fragrance and multiple health benefits, this is truly one of our all time favourites. Our Pure Lavender pamper pack has it all- a gorgeous organic lavender bar soap, luxurious hand wash, a sumptuous natural soybean wax candle, a bottle of our signature bubble bath and a bottle body wash too. All enveloped in our beautiful pure lavender fragrance, Heavenly!

And here’s why we love the pure lavender pamper pack so much. Not only are all the produces included 100% free form detergents, SL, sulphates, alcohol, parabens, sorbats, silicones and synthetic preservatives- but they’re all plant based and 100% vegan too. These gorgeous treats are derived using natural ingredients, including RSPO certified sustainable palm oil and cruelty free- just as you would expect from us here at Little Soap.

But ingredients aside, our pure lavender pamper packs ‘pack a punch’ in the ways too- and it’s all down to the star ingredient, lavender! We’ve written previously about the amazing benefits that lavender can bring to the table- read this post on just three little reasons why lavender essential oil is so amazing. Better sleep, calmer thoughts, balanced hormones.. what more do we need to say?

Buy this pamper pack for: a loved one that needs a pick-me-up and some TLC this Valentines Day, or YOU. Yes, you. Pamper yourself, too. You deserve it.

The Organic Pure Rose Geranium Pamper Pack

spotlight on our pamper

Like the Pure Lavender pamper pack, our beloved Pure Rose Geranium Pamper Pack includes a gorgeous collection of luxurious bathtime treats: a rose geranium bar soap, hand soap, luxury eco soybean wash candle, bubble bath and body wash. And like the lavender pack, all of the above are nestled inside a delightful Broadway box, subtly featuring Little Soap Company, Broadway Tower, The Swan, The Lygon, The Deli and other character buildings, horses and animals (including Henry the Office dog!). We love it!

We chose Rose Geranium to fragrance this pamper pack because not only does it smell blooming amazing, but it too has some pretty amazing benefits for the mind, body and soul. Rose Geranium is known to help balance the hormones and elevate stress and anxiety by balancing mood too. Rose Geranium also has anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties, anti-inflammatory properties and anti-viral properties too. There have also been studies that indicate rose geranium can enhance relaxation and reduce anxiety too. So a bit of a must for us all, we think!

Buy this pamper pack for: that friend who can’t stop scrolling the news, or who works so hard all the time and really needs a break. Or- yes, you guessed it- you!