Revamp your exercise regime for summer: six little tips

It’s time to have a little clean up! And not just in the house, either. What about your fitness regime? Chances are, it probably needs a bit of a spruce up with summer just around the corner, so what better time to start? Dust off your trainers, get out into the fresh air and revamp your fitness regime for summer with these six little tips!

revamp your fitness regime for summer~

Before you start…

Winter has a lot to answer for. Often, we want nothing more than to curl up inside with a warm jumper and a steaming cup of hot chocolate. And in England our winters tend to drag on and on and on… But no more excuses! It’s time to remember exactly why a good fitness regime is so important.

  • It feeds the mind. Regular exercise boosts the production of serotonin in the body and this helps to combat anxiety, depression and fatigue. So if you’re feeling low, get out there for a run (or whatever your exercise of choice is) and embrace the feel good hormones.
  • It helps weight loss. Coupled with a healthy diet, a good fitness regime will boost weight loss and help you to maintain a healthy shape.
  • Great for your heart and overall health. What more do we need to say? Those who exercise regularly sleep better, eat better and feel better.

So does your fitness regime need a kick start? Let’s go.

Make your fitness regime work for YOU

So you’ve joined a running club but each week when it comes to it, you find excuses for why you can’t make it. Or maybe you pay a monthly gym fee and visit the cafe more than you work out? The reason for this could be simple- you don’t enjoy it. And if you don’t enjoy it, you aren’t going to stick with it, or do it with any passion or enthusiasm either.

The answer here is to make your fitness regime work for YOU. Not for the friend you promised you’d go swimming every morning with. Do what you want to do to make yourself feed good, not what you think you should be doing to either look good, or to please others.

Listen to your body

Perhaps you’ve been used to running six miles before work (wow!) every morning, but now you’re starting to feel the burn. No matter. Listen to your body, and respect what it is trying to tell you. Don’t feel you have to stick to your usual regime just because. If you’re tired, or injured or just not feeling it, then change tack. Listen to your body- it will thank you for it.

Forget about burning calories

When you start to crunch the numbers, you start to lose the passion. Go for a run because you love to run, and forget about how many calories you’ve burned. Once you fall into a pattern of exercising for the right reasons, the rest will fall into place anyway.

Get outside

June is around the corner and it is starting to heat up! Get outside and let the sunshine further boost your well being and emotional health.

Eat well

At the end of the day, any fitness regime you take on is going to need to be bolstered by what you eat too. Fill your body with nutritious and delicious foods that with fuel your regime, not slow you down. It’s a good idea to work to the 80/20 principle and save your treats for when you really deserve them.

Don’t take on more than you can handle

Our last tip can be carried through to most elements of your life. Only take on as much as you can manage. So don’t sign up for a year’s membership for the gym if you know that you won’t stick to it, or don’t have time to go. Being unable to fulfil your commitments will only make you feel guilty, and that’s never good. Stick to what you know you can handle, and above all ENJOY!

Good luck!