Sugar Detox Q&A with Sarah Somian

Sugar Detox:Q&A with Sarah week we’re super excited to change things up a little and bring you our very first Q&A post with the amazing Sarah Somian, who works as a holistic nutritionist and runs the blog, Deliciously Vibrant. If you’re looking for new, delicious and nutritious recipes to kick start your 2019, then look no further- you can also catch up with Sarah on Instagram and Facebook too. We’re thrilled to have had the chance to chat with Sarah about new year goals, with a particular focus on detoxing the sweet stuff from our lives. Without further ado, here’s our sugar detox Q&A with Sarah Somian. Enjoy!

Q: At the start of a new year people often set wellbeing goals and the shops are full of new fitness gear. What are the most impactful choices/ options people can go for in this area?

A: The most impactful choices at the beginning of any new goals is to get really clear about what you would like to achieve and why. Sit down and really get honest about what areas of your health you want to work on this year. Then, make sure you set realistic & achievable goals for which you can take baby steps every single day. For example: instead of “I want to drink more water”, try ” I will drink eight 8 oz glasses per day or I will drink from my 500ml reusable water bottle twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon”.

Our tip: invest in a new notebook to write down your goals and intentions for 2019 so that you have them to hand when you need a reminder of what you’re doing and why. And don’t be too hard on yourself- this is a journey and there might be a few ‘wrong turns. That’s ok!

Q: We’re encouraging people trying out Dry January and Veganuary as we support health and wellbeing efforts.  Sugar detox is just becoming more recognised as a positive choice and still a bit less well known.  How did you discover the importance of total detox from refined sugars?

A: As a Holistic Nutritionist, my approach to food is simple: eat foods that are as whole (un-processed) as possible and that are nutrients-dense. That means focusing on foods such as: vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, healthy fats and proteins. Sugar was simply never a part of my healthy eating philosophy. This is not to say that enjoying a treats from time to time is bad. It’s just that sugars don’t contain any nutrients that our bodies need to function optimally. On the contrary, sugar has been linked to many health ailments; such as diabetes and obesity or weight gain, but also hormonal imbalances, skin problems, brain fog, moodiness, bad sleep and lethargy. 

Our tip: evaluate your current diet and praise yourself for fuelling your body well. It can really help to see just how many foods you already eat that are nutrient dense and and beneficial to yourSugar Detox:Q&A with Sarah body- remember you’re adding to your life, not taking away. Cutting out sugar opens the door to so many new foods!

Q: What are some of the health benefits of a sugar detox?  How could people expect to feel?

A: When you detox from sugar at first you might experience some withdrawal symptoms (since it is very addictive) such as headache, moodiness, skin breakouts or irritability. However after two days or more (depending on the person); you’ll sleep better, have more energy, may be able to concentrate better and feel less hungry or in constant need for a sugary snack. The health benefits of doing a sugar detox are varied. Here are some examples: reduced internal inflammation within your body by decreasing cortisol levels (via less insulin secretion), weight loss, improved digestion, improved skin complexion and clearer skin and finally better sleep.

Our tip: Remember why you’re doing this. Refer to your notebook and the reasons why you’ve chosen to cut sugar out of your life. If today is a hard day and you can get through it, then you can get through the next hard day too.

Q: How easy is this detox process? Are there any tricks
and tips for beating cravings in those first few tough days?

A: If you are doing a sugar detox for the first time, one of the best tips is to get your kitchen ready and to make sure you are prepared for when you eat outside of the home. This article will give you 10 tips to make sure your sugar detox is successful.

Our tip: Read, read, read. Sarah’s article is fantastic, and it might help to jump on to some forums too- speaking to others going through similar experiences can be really helpful.Sugar Detox:Q&A with Sarah

Q: When sugar is so prevalent in purchased, pre-prepared foodstuffs, have you any advice for people who eat out or buy ready prepared foods a lot to help them stay low sugar in their diet once the detox is finished?

A: Yes, it can be tricky but once you know what to look out for, it isn’t really that complicated. My first tip is to always look at the back ingredient’s list. You’ll often find hidden forms of sugars in pre-packaged goods. The next tip is to never trust the health claims on any packages. These are just meant to lure you into thinking a product is healthy when in fact, it might be hiding some not-so-healthy ingredients. For example: orange juice might say “with calcium added for healthy bones”, when in fact it contains 2/3 of its content of pure sugar. Last but not least, simply avoid buying pre-made foods as much as possible. Shop mainly in the fresh produce section of your supermarket and avoid the aisles (except for a few essentials). If you would like more tips and guidance about how to shop healthily while on a sugar detox, make sure you grab my 10-Day Sugar Detox Ebook, which dives deeper into this topic and gives you many more tips, and resources to sugar detox with more ease.

Our tip: as always, read your labels, and create a list of foods you know you can grab when you’re in a hurry or eating out. Keep the list on your phone so its always handy.

Q: Any other final tips or wisdom for us?

A: Yes, remember that it can take time to learn anything new. So if you’ve never done a sugar detox, please be gentle with yourself. If you get invited out and ingest a little bit of sugar or cave in when the dessert comes around, it’s okay. Simply pick yourself back up and continue with your detoxing journey. Oh and don’t do it alone. Either have a friend or partner do it with you or join The Deliciously Vibrant 10-Day Sugar Detox Online Community. You’ll find the motivation and accountability you need to make it through successfully.

Our tip: Be kind to yourself. Remind yourself why you’re doing this and use positive affirmations each day to help you get through. Stay focused and don’t look back!