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Easy Christmas Makeup Trends we Love Right
Three Little Last Minute Gift Ideas_ Little Soap
Three Little Reason to Give the Gift of Soap this

Give the Gift of Soap this Christmas

When Little Soap Company first started many years ago, we had one main intention: to make natural soap accessible to all. Since then, we’ve achieved amazing success, but we know we still have work to do! Thankfully, these days many of us are all too aware of how important it is to take steps to
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Three Little Reasons to Buy Your Pet a Gift this

Three Little Reasons to Buy Your Pet a Gift this Christmas

So you’ve started (or maybe even finished?!) your Christmas shopping and you’re feeling good about it. Wives, husbands, sisters, aunts, uncles, teachers- all sorted. But aren’t you forgetting something? Or, rather, someone? Our pets are central to our everyday happiness, and regular readers of this blog will know just how much we love our dogs here
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Your Ultimate Little Soap Christmas Gift Guide
Three Little Festive Treats to Enjoy Now!
Three Little Home Made Beauty Gifts for

Three Little Home Made Beauty Gifts for Christmas

Hoorah! The festive season is almost upon us and we’re feeling pretty jolly here at Little Soap HQ! As regular readers will know, we’re huge fans of home made beauty treats, and we’re thinking what better last minute gift for the people you love? Home made says you care. Home made says you’ve been thinking of
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Three healthy dishes to serve on Christmas day

Christmas is truly a time for indulgence, and here at Little Soap Company HQ we’re all for letting our hair down and enjoying the festive season. But that does not mean we’re going to overindulge. There is a difference! Instead, we’re going to make sure that for every treat we consume, there will be something ‘clean’ waiting
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