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Three Reasons why Bar Soap is the Greenest Choice right

Three Reasons Why Bar Soap is The Greenest Choice Right Now

It has to be said that since the world went into lockdown, there has been a marked reduction in carbon emissions throughout the globe. We are travelling less, we are burning less fuel. Our planet is breathing a small sigh of relief. But with this plus comes a negative too, with the increased use of
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Three Little Tips to Care for Your Hands After

Three Little Tips to Care for Your Hands After Washing

As a nation, we are now all washing our hands approximately 100% more times than we did before. And that’s not to say that we had terrible hand hygiene once upon a time; it’s more a reflection of and an observance to current health guidelines due to the Coronavirus. According to the World Health Organisation,
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Tips for Self Care in

Fresh Tips for Self Care in Isolation

As we enter the mid-way point of another week of social distancing and self-isolation, Little Soap HQ wanted to reach out to you all with a gentle reminder: now more than ever, self care is a must for your to-do list. Being kind to yourself and practising small, daily acts of self-care is vital for
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