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Three Little DIY Beauty
Three Little Obstacles to Living a Cruelty Free
Greenery Your Beauty Routine in Three Easy
Three Little Beauty Swaps for An All Natural Make-up
Three Little Home Made Beauty Gifts for

Three Little Home Made Beauty Gifts for Christmas

Hoorah! The festive season is almost upon us and we’re feeling pretty jolly here at Little Soap HQ! As regular readers will know, we’re huge fans of home made beauty treats, and we’re thinking what better last minute gift for the people you love? Home made says you care. Home made says you’ve been thinking of
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Make Your Own Sunscreen this
Basics of green

The Basics of Green Beauty

We often talk about ‘green living’ and ‘green cleaning’ and because these are topics we feel so strongly about, we’re happy to talk about them literally all day! And while they’re common terms, their concepts are not always full understood. The same stands for green beauty. We’ve written about it before, but what does it
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