How Little Soap Works Towards

How Little Soap Works towards Sustainability

At the start of #PlasticFreeJuly, I talked to you about how we’re doing our bit to alleviate the single use plastic crisis. This week, I wanted to talk to you about how Little Soap works towards sustainability overall in the business. Provenance of Our Ingredients This is a top one for me. I’ve always, always been
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3 reasons not to be an entrepreneur…?

I often get invited to speak publicly about the roller coaster journey surrounding Little Soap Company, and like the Kitchen Table Talent talk for The Country Living 2014 Spring Show, the audience consists of those with a keen interest to start or build their own businesses. Afterwards comments always include “you’re soooo lucky,” or “I’d love to work at
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Little Travellers hits Mongolia….

Hello Emma,and all at “little soap” Thankyou, your wonderful products arrived today. we thought you might be interested in the following,as you are clearly,and absolutly understandably,very proud of your product and “what you do” we first came across your soap whilst staying at the Ebrington Arms in late June. 2 weeks later our eldest daughter
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EHS Little Soap Star

Big thank you to Edgbaston High School for Girls for the fabulous Little write up in the glossy 2011 edition of Laurel Leaves…. [slideshow]

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Green Bath Aromatherapy

Green Tibet Bath Salt Soak (taken from The Green Beauty Guide by Julie Gabriel – a must have book for all greenies who love their pampering) Akin to the smell of Tibetan Green tea traditionally prepared with salt, butter and baking soda…. it will invigorate your senses and stimulate blood circulation – for those of
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The (bargain – but toxic) price of A-list beauty… Jennifer Aniston and the Pershore Plum Festival..

Today’s Daily Mail and splattered all over today’s media is a  story about one of the world’s most beautiful women, who at 41, has a complexion to rival women decades younger. But instead of an array of expensive beauty products and therapists, Jennifer Aniston has credited a £1.99 bar of soap with her youthful skin
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