Organic September: why Organic is Important to Little

Organic September – Why Organic is Important for Little Soap

This week we’re continuing on with our Organic September theme, in support of the Soil Association’s campaign. We’re passionate about spreading the word about the importance of careful consideration when it comes to shopping, and we want more people to change their habits for good. So, without further ado- here are our latest musings on
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Non-toxic beauty: what to look out
essential oil vs fragrance

Essential Oils Vs Fragrance Oils

When Little Soap Company first began, it was with a passion for all natural soap, and with an ambition to make it more accessible to all. We knew we wanted to create a bar soap that complied with our ethics and that did not compromise our- or your- carbon footprint either. We wanted an eco-friendly, cruelty
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Update From Emma: How Little Soap is Making a Difference

Three Little Reasons Why Natural Soap is Best for the Whole Family

Little Soap Company was born out of a desire to create genuine cruelty free, natural soap- and to make it accessible to all. We want to help more of you reduce the amount of chemicals you unwittingly rub into your skin. We want to educate, advise and guide you towards a cleaner, more ethical lifestyle.
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Three Reasons why Bar Soap is the Greenest Choice right

Three Reasons Why Bar Soap is The Greenest Choice Right Now

It has to be said that since the world went into lockdown, there has been a marked reduction in carbon emissions throughout the globe. We are travelling less, we are burning less fuel. Our planet is breathing a small sigh of relief. But with this plus comes a negative too, with the increased use of
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Be Kind to the

Be Kind to the Supermarkets…

… and all who work in them! Empty shelves truly have not been their fault. We are amid strange times right now, but there are many small things that we can all do to lessen the load. Doing my own local shop I’ve questioned the need for the “Please Do Not Abuse Our Staff” posters
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Three Great Little Reusable Swaps You Can Make Right
Organic September: why Organic is Important to Little
Three Little Last Minute Gift Ideas_ Little Soap
Three Little Reason to Give the Gift of Soap this

Give the Gift of Soap this Christmas

When Little Soap Company first started many years ago, we had one main intention: to make natural soap accessible to all. Since then, we’ve achieved amazing success, but we know we still have work to do! Thankfully, these days many of us are all too aware of how important it is to take steps to
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Why You Can (and Should) Use Natural Soap on Your

Why You Can (and Should) Use Natural Soap on Your Face

Here at Little Soap HQ we firmly believe that natural, organic soap should be accessible to everyone. We’re passionate about making the finest soaps using only natural ingredients because we know that what you put on your skin is so important. Whatever you put onto your body goes into your body… so why wouldn’t you
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