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Three Little Reasons Why Natural Soap is Best for the Whole Family

Little Soap Company was born out of a desire to create genuine cruelty free, natural soap- and to make it accessible to all. We want to help more of you reduce the amount of chemicals you unwittingly rub into your skin. We want to educate, advise and guide you towards a cleaner, more ethical lifestyle.
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Three Little Tips to Care for Your Hands After Washing_LittleSoapCompany.co.uk

Three Little Tips to Care for Your Hands After Washing

As a nation, we are now all washing our hands approximately 100% more times than we did before. And that’s not to say that we had terrible hand hygiene once upon a time; it’s more a reflection of and an observance to current health guidelines due to the Coronavirus. According to the World Health Organisation,
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Q&A with Jane Scrivner

This week we’re delighted to bring you a Q&A between old friends!  Emma has a solid friendship with the wonderful Jane Scrivner, owner and founder of the multi-award winning Jane Scrivner skincare, with over 30 years experience in her field.  Cotswolds based, Jane and Emma like to get together now and then and so we
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Three Little Tips for Easy Baby Skincare at Bathtime_LittleSoapcompany.co.uk

Three Little Tips for Easy Baby Skincare at Bathtime

Here at Little Soap HQ we’re always super careful about the products that we use on our skin, and we encourage our customers to follow the same precautions too. Whatever goes on to your skin is absorbed by the body- so any nasty chemicals or additives that manufacturers add to their products are making their
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Three Little Tips: Natural Skin Care for Tattoos_LittleSoapCompany.co.uk
Three Little DIY Beauty Recipes_LittleSoapCompany.co.uk

Three Little Tips for Allergy Relief

Hands up if you suffer with allergies? Chances are, more than half of you will currently have your hand raised, and according to recent reports the numbers are rising. Allergy UK has predicted that one in four people living in the UK will suffer from an allergy at some point in their lives and while
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Three Little Tips for Greenifying your Baby Care Routine

If you follow us on social you’ll know that we’ve recently celebrated another award win- this time in the very prestigious Green Parent Beauty awards! Our beloved Rose Geranium Bubble Bath has been awarded GOLD and the classic Lavender Bubble Bath has been crowned Best Buy! We’re over the moon, and so thankful that so
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