Is Your Perfume Vegan?_
Vegan Lifestyle to Fight Climate

Going Vegan to Fight Climate Change

Here at Little Soap HQ we’ve always advocated for a vegan lifestyle, because we truly believe that it is the most healthy, sustainable way to eat. But there is actually so much more to this way of life, and with the issues that are facing us today there are so many reasons why more and
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Three Little Tips for sticking with

Three Little Tips for Sticking With Veganuary

This year, Veganuary has taken the UK by storm and here at Little Soap HQ we’re thrilled to see so many new brands bringing out new foods, meal ideas and inspirations. Early reports indicate that 2019 is set to be the year for veganism as a movement, and we’re so excited to see what lies
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Five Cruelty Free Blogs to Follow

Five Cruelty Free Blogs to Follow

We’re passionately proud of our Cruelty Free status here at Little Soap Company, and we hope that you are too. As valued customers and readers of this blog, we’re so glad that you follow our ethics and support us in our endeavours! This week we’re sharing some of our favourite resources when it comes to
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Veganuary: Five Little Reasons to Keep Going Beyond January