Talking about sustainability with Seep

Today we sat down with the wonderful team at Seep to discuss everything sustainability in the bathroom…

It’s always exciting when you find the perfect products to make your home just that little bit better for the planet. Finding two, however, is like hitting the jackpot. Especially when those two are going to make the home, the body and the earth a slightly cleaner place to live in.

Seep is a brand-new startup bringing gorgeous designed sustainable cleaning tools to the forefront in the UK. Since their formation in 2020, they have been moving from strength to strength (even partnering with Little Soap Company sister brand, Eco Warrior Soap). Cleaning sustainably is something that should be important to any home, whether run by eco-warriors or not. And Seep is making that easier to do.

Here’s why we think Seep and Little Soap Company go hand in hand:

Earth friendly values

Both Seep and Little Soap Company were founded due to a lack of availability of conscious products in easy to find places (like supermarkets and online retailers). Of their conception, both founders Emma & Laura mention that they initially tried to find similar sustainable products in their local supermarkets, but found that they had to search further afield and put in tonnes of research to find the right products. Both brands found that most people felt the same. People genuinely want to be more eco-conscious, but access to the proper products was minimal.

The customers may not be flower-wielding hippy eco-warriors, but they were willing to make those small changes. Thus, two amazing brands were born.


Both Seep and Little Soap Company are UK-based, female founded small businesses. Emma Heathcote-Jones, founder of Little Soap Company, is a Mum of one, but dog-mum to two (second puppy is set to come home in a week or two) from the Cotswold’s. Seep founder Laura Harnett is ex-selfridges and a mum of two from London.

From both brands’ humble beginnings making business strategies around kitchen tables in London and the Cotswolds, their beginnings had so many parallels.


Little Soap Company and Seep products are low environmental impact. Free of anything that can potentially damage the world around us and made with simple and renewable ingredients and materials.

All Seep products are made from renewable materials – loofah, cellulose – and are completely circular. Meaning they come from the earth and return to the earth when you’re done. Leaving behind no microplastics, toxins or chemicals in the soil or water systems when they decompose.

When using Little Soap Company products, you’re ensuring nothing nasty is going down the plughole into the water-system. Think dyes and microbeads. The same goes for Seep. When using Seep products, there are no microplastics released OR left behind afterwards.

Seep products are naturally vegan & cruelty-free, just like Little Soap Company products, and we’re both part of the B Corp community.

Why does swapping to Seep make a difference?

It doesn’t take a genius to realise that common cleaning products are laced with plastic, oil and other harmful toxins that do more harm to the planet than good. Common sponges found in the supermarket, for example, are made with polyurethane, a petroleum-based material. These types of sponges can be recycled to when they get thrown away, they will end up polluting oceans and landfills for years. Sadly, up to 600 million of these types of sponges are thrown away each year and release microplastics into the water systems.

This is just one cleaning tool that should have an easy to find, eco-friendly swap. Swapping to Seep products can make a huge difference to your overall cleaning waste, as they make gorgeous-looking products that are 100% plastic-free & compostable, made from renewable materials and 3x carbon offset. Their products include compostable sponges AND bin liners, and a bunch of new circular cleaning products in the timeline.

A huge difference can be made by swapping to Seep, even if it’s just one household product.