The (bargain – but toxic) price of A-list beauty… Jennifer Aniston and the Pershore Plum Festival..

Today’s Daily Mail and splattered all over today’s media is a  story about one of the world’s most beautiful women, who at 41, has a complexion to rival women decades younger.

But instead of an array of expensive beauty products and therapists, Jennifer Aniston has credited a £1.99 bar of soap with her youthful skin revealing that she has been using the Neutrogena Transparent Facial Bar since she was a teenager.

Upon waking – hearing this on the breakfast news was music to my ears and I leapt out of bed to do some Googling and find out more. With Jennifer’s sway perhaps the world will truly go back to basics and start ditching all the synthetic products and turn its back on the multi million pound beauty industry… hurrah!

But aggghhh – looking more deeply realized this brand – despite it’s “pure” clothing is in fact laden with synthetics and toxic chemicals including Triethanolamine and Cocamide DEA… I know how confusing the beauty industry is with all it’s claims and know how powerful the media can be… I know too Jennifer’s diet is top notch and she is also a fan of Dr Hauschka day cream (yay – perfect natural choice!) but was shocked to see about this choice in soap… maybe like many she doesnt realise the lethal ingredients? Both are known toxins used widespread in the beauty industry – Triethanolamine has been linked to lymphoid, kidney and renal tumours in animals and is a known skin and eye irritant even when used in low doses. Cocamide DEA is also another human skin toxicant and suspected carginogen…. which goes to show, if even A-Listers can get sucked into the million pound campaigns the vile cosmetics industry put out what hope is there for mere mortals like us… and like Jen, so many of us put our faith in these products believing them to be doing us good when in fact no one knows the damage long term use of these chemicals creates…. etc etc I won’t go on….

So I kinda felt compelled to send over a bar of Little soap – nothing amazing or special or with any claims for eternal youth but it is 100% pure and natural with no hidden nasties – as you all know, the only things in it are top grade oils and in the perfumed bars only essential oils to scent them.

Now, knowing it’s for her face and seeing her usual soap is un-fragranced I thought I would send her a bar which was specially commissioned for the “Pershore Plum Festival” which is taking place throughout August…

Suffice to say, plum kernel oils is fab for skin… and being English we’re allowed to be eccentric – so along with the soap explained how Pershore is a tiny rural town which literally turns purple for August – shop fronts are decorated, the old Abbey turns purple from filters on the floodlights, there is specially made plum jam, chutney, sausages, cheeses, pork pies etc – and this is the soap!

Not sure she will use it but well – all part of the crucade to make the world (and our skin) a greener place…. and to shout and be proud that we are Little – that we make our soap in Little batches so we CAN be green and eco/enviro/skin-friendly….  mass production creating cheap bars is one thing, but not when cost outweighs quality and ingredients in my book….