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“My aim quite simply is to make pure, natural soap accessible to everyone.”

Passionate about reducing the amount of chemicals and synthetics people unwittingly rub into their skin and wanting to do for the cosmetics industry what Jamie Oliver has done for food, Emma Heathcote-James wants to get the world back to basics, providing cruelty free, organic, and all natural soap and bathing products. Whilst maintaining the attractive sent the harmful chemicals and synthetics available in the market place.

Emma’s mission, as stated in the quote above, is to provide everyone with access, to quality cruelty free, all natural soap that’s harmless to the body, in addition, doesn’t irritate sensitive skin. The Little Soap Company uses essential oils and natural ingredients in our products, whilst ensuring everything remains pure, handmade and organic.

If you agree with Emma, let’s join her mission in spreading the word about The Little Soap Company by sharing your experience with is on social media! Together we could make bathing a more organic experience with the use of our incredible all natural soap and products.

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