The Top Three Yoga Blogs to Follow Right Now

The Top Three Yoga Blogs to Follow Right at Little Soap HQ we’re huge advocates for feeding the mind, body and soul. We care deeply about every element of our wellbeing, and let it be said that we care about yours too. We want to spread the word that in this age of hectic chaos, tight deadlines and digital pressures, it really is possible to take a step back and surround yourself with peace and harmony instead. Taking care of the deeper you is essential for emotional wellbeing, and if you- like the rest of us- are on a quest for happiness, it only makes sense to make this a priority in your life too. One of the best ways that we choose to relax, unwind and re-connect is with yoga. So this week we’re sharing with you the top three yoga blogs to follow right now. Take a look, digest some information, and get ready to restore the balance from within.

Yoga with Adriene 

Ok, so Yoga with Adriene is a Youtube channel and not a blog, but what better way to learn a little more about this ancient craft than to get stuck in straight away with some practical routines you can follow? We love, love, LOVE this channel not only because of her calm and reassuring manner, but because she really knows her stuff.

Get ready to transform tired energy into useful energy! Invite change, beckon growth, and discover your own unique rhythm. Work your body, open your mind, and return to your heart. You’ll get a workout, you’ll gain awareness. Be prepared to not only see, but feel massive results.

Join her 30 day challenge and see where it takes you. All you need is an open mind.

As Adriene herself says, “Following what makes you feel alive and carving out time to find your center each day requires more than a commitment. It requires a deep and loving longing to know yourself, care for yourself, and love yourself.” There can be no better reason than that to take the challenge and sign up for some inner peace, surely?

We love Yoga with Adriene because she is passionate, practical and dedicated to helping you set achievable goals on your quest towards The Top Three Yoga Blogs to Follow Right

Alive in the Fire

“I believe that when we are quiet, we begin to see everything with love.”

Rachel is a Californian Yoga queen and her blog, Alive in the Fire is just amazing. Her passion for her craft shines through in every single post on the site, and if you’re brand new to it all her extensive New to Yoga section is the place to start for inspiration and guidance. She also has a series of e-books available for purchase, plus a free 5 day yoga journal you can download when you sign up to her email list.

Beyond the education that sits at the core of Alive in the Fire, can we just point out how stunning her photography is? The images of Rachel in her poses alone is enough to make us want to actually be her. The blog is not just for yoga lovers (although that truly is at the heart of what she writes)- we believe that everyone needs to take an hour or two to read her posts and find the courage to seek out a life that you love.

Inspired by practicing yoga mindfully, teaching from the heart, giving hugs, and living a badass life.

We love Alive in the Fire because it’s bold, it’s informative and it has something for everyone. Whatever your reason for seeking out yoga, you’re covered here.

Yogi Times

The Yogi Times is a “lifestyle guide for the modern yogi” with fresh ideas and a strong outlook on current affairs, health and nutrition, and general wellness for all. We can’t get enough of this blog! It’s filled with tips on healthy eating, nourishing the mind, making the most of your business, unplugging from the chaotic digital sphere and being more efficient and more productive… all with yoga at it’s heart.

There are four dedicated yogis behind Yogi Times, and each has a different reason for coming together to create this hub for like-minded souls. But what connects them all is their passion and the belief that their mission in life is to become a source of harmony for others.

Yogi Times has always attracted passionate talented creative people to participate and contribute because they loved our mission: “ To inspire and empower people to live a healthy, mindful, conscious life

The Top Three Yoga Blogs to Follow Right some time to digest the wealth of information linked to yoga (we’re talking poses for asthma, tips on how to launch your own yoga business,  yoga for pregnant women…) and then move on to food, culture, community, relationships, travel… it’s all here and we’re hooked.

We love Yogi Times because it has a holistic approach to yoga, inviting all to join the community and make positive changes in life.