The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Him

Ultimate Gift Guide For Him_ do you buy for the man in your life who seems to have literally every gadget known to man already? Or the man who just doesn’t like football all that much? Or the man who is so fussy you know better than to not accept a gift receipt when you shop for them? Gift buying at Christmas can be so stressful! You have a whole list of unique individuals to buy for, and often some are way easier than others. Never fear! This week we decided it was time to let you into a little secret: men are actually easy to buy for. Welcome to our ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Him…

Keep it simple

Here at Little Soap we’re firm believers that every household should take necessary steps to reduce waste wherever possible. We also believe- passionately- that there are so many ways that you can do this, and it starts in the bathroom. Don’t spend loads of money on his ‘n’ hers toiletries! Choose wisely and you can happily share soaps, shampoos and scrubs.

This year, indulge in some little pieces of natural luxury that you can take advantage of too! Go for the wonderfully zingy citrus range for a neutral and gloriously refreshing way to start the day. We love the Ultimate Gift Guide For Him_ Cleansing Zest Lemon Soap bar (£2.50) for stocking fillers and smaller gifts, and the Organic Artisan English Lavender and Orange bar Soap (£6.95) is a real crowd pleaser too. Don’t over think this. Go for the soaps that smell the best, and nobody will be able to resist!

Don’t be afraid to pamper him!

Pamper nights are not women only affairs, and nor should they be either. For men who like to spend a little time on themselves, why not indulge a little? Our brand new Orange and Grapefruit range boasts a wonderful unisex fragrance that screams luxury despite its simple price tag. Our first bespoke and blended fragrance that only uses pure essential oils- this blend has the overriding fragrance of grapefruit and orange with gentle hues of spearmint leaf, grapefruit and lemon peel. A great all rounder, we think you’ll agree.

Go for the Grapefruit and Orange Hand Care Duo, or the Hair Care Duo for every day pamper sessions, or the truly indulgent Organic Grapefruit and Orange bubble bath for those who really like to unwind. I mean, don’t we all? Prices: £14.98, £19 & £8.50.

Gifts you can share

As already highlighted, if you choose carefully you can ensure there are only one or two bottles on your bathroom shelf- less waste, less clutter and less opportunity for nasty chemicals too. To us, it makes sense to opt for gifts that you know you’re going to love too. Walking into a bathroom already filled with the sweet and refreshing aroma of lemon zest, lavender or citrus notes? Yes please!

Ultimate Gift Guide For Him_ Grapefruit and Orange Complete Hair, Hand and Body set is going to last you ages- and is going to smell amazing too! Buy now for £51.98

Or, why not go for something really different this year? Our make your own soap kits have one simple aim – to make pure, natural, organic skincare accessible to all”. Because the one thing that niggled us here at Little Soap HQ was the fact that we only have one Little Soap School at our registered office- so we’re not able to reach out and share our recipes, ingredients and knowledge on green skincare with everyone… and so came the idea of bringing our Little Soap School to YOUR kitchen table to give you a taster of how to make our soaps in your home! Buy now for just £45.