Three Essential Ingredients for a Natural Spring Clean

It’s that time of year again, as the nation is embracing some slightly warmer weather (at last!) and turning it’s attention towards a little spring cleaning. I don’t know about you, but there is something so liberating about throwing open the windows and having a good old cleaning session, don’t you think? And so this week we’re sharing with you our top three essential ingredients for a really good natural spring clean. Do let us know in the comments which essentials you can’t clean without too.

Three Essential Ingredients for a Natural Spring the chemicals

Before you start, let’s have a little chat about unnecessary chemicals. When it comes to cleaning products, we Brits tend to reach for chemically laden products as we’re told that ‘nothing cleans better’. We’re led to believe that we need artificially produced products if we want to properly clean and to protect our families against germs and bacteria, and honestly these companies are literally cashing in on our paranoia. Meanwhile. we’re destroying the planet, our heath and our bank balances- whilst at the same time disrupting our hormone balance and pumping our homes full of unnecessary allergens. There really is no need! All that packaging, all those harmful chemicals- you don’t need them.

Here are our top three ingredients we swear by for that sparkling clean you’ve always dreamt of…

Essential Oils

The power of essential oils is un-ending. We swear by using essential oils in all aspects of life, and never more so when it comes to the spring clean. Essential Oils have anti-bacterial, anti-viral and antiseptic properties that make them a vital part of our tool kit- and they should be in yours too.

Using essential oils in place of the usual cleaning products will not only leave your house smelling gorgeous,  but it will also benefit your health and your bank balance too. It’s a no brainer really! Orange and citrus oils are great for removing grease, so work wonders in the kitchen. Tea-tree oil is great when added to vinegar and used to clean glass and windows, and lavender oil is divine when used to clean floors- you just can’t beat that aroma!

Make your own multi purpose cleaner with distilled water and distilled vinegar, and add in lemon, tea-tree and lavender essential oil.


Bicarbonate of Soda

One small pot can be so powerful! Bicarbonate of soda has so many uses we just couldn’t even list them all. Rest assured that this is one natural ingredient we totally swear by. Use it to clean in the kitchen or for every day washing up. Use it to remove nasty odours from the fridge or from carpets. Use it to remove stains from fabrics or the loo. So. Many. Uses.

Make your own bathroom cleaner with bicarb, liquid soap, water and white vinegar.


Ask your grandma, vinegar has been highly regarded for many years as one of the best ingredients to clean with- and for very good reason too. Vinegar is a fabulous natural all propose cleaner and another ingredient you’ll get hold of pretty cheaply too.

Use it to clean your loo overnight- simply add two cups of vinegar to the bowl at bedtime and that’s it! Seriously, a quick google will open your eyes to a whole host of super powers for this one ingredient.

What are your top natural cleaning ingredients?