Three Fantastic Dog Blogs you Need to Read

Three Top Dog Blogs You Need to’s no secret that we love our four legged friends here at Little Soap Company, and we have a strong suspicion that lots of you do too! So without further ado, and because we’re nice like that, we’re sharing some of our favourite canine related reads with you. Here are three fantastic dog blogs you need to read right now! Enjoy.

Alfie Bear

Alfie Bear is a long time friend of Little Soap Company, and no dog blog top five is complete without this absolute gem of a read. You need to read this blog- not just for the absolutely stunning photography, but for the endless tips, tricks and product recommendations too. Recent posts will enlighten you on how to travel with a mud-free boot, how to travel with a puppy and where to travel to with dogs in tow. ¬† Delve a little deeper, and you’ll find a raft of information on keeping dogs entertained indoors, winter coats for dogs that are actually worth splashing out on, plus in-depth and valuable product reviews, including this delightful write-up of our very own Little Beast range!

I wanted to find a shampoo, that is nice and natural, which will gently clean his coat, because lets face it, in our house the soap is used far too often. I’ve found the perfect match … the “Little Beast” range.

Miss Darcy’s Adventures

Another fabulous read, Miss Darcy’s Adventures¬†tells the tale of the life of a London dog, and is another invaluable resource for dog owners, particularly those living in more urban areas in the UK. Find out where in London you can take your pooch to eat, gain insight into how to make London travel with a dog easy and stress-free, plus stay up to date with regular blog posts covering topics such as nurturing well-being and training your dog, the latest must have dog apparel, and not to mention which books are worth investing in and reading if you want to learn more and do more with your dog.

The blog is written by May, who says of Miss Darcy:

She helped me realise that I am capable of loving another more than I thought humanly possible.

In return, I want to give her a voice.  So this is Miss Darcy sharing her life adventures and experiences as a dog living in London, as well as her travels.

Marcel le Corgi

We only recently discovered this gem and have since fallen madly in love with Marcel le Corgi! Brace yourselves for more stunning photography, plus tales of one truly amazing celebrity dog living between Wales and London! Billed as the UK’s most famous corgi on Instagram, Marcel is apparently bilingual and boasts the rare honour of being the first dog to be invited to the RHS flower show!

Marcel le Crogi is perfect for corgi owners, but don’t let that be the only reason why you read this blog. It’s filled with invaluable information on topics such as travel with dogs to and from the UK after Brexit, top pet product recommendations¬†plus a pretty impressive portfolio of modelling work and media events.

Marcel is also. therapy dog, working for Therapaws¬†and we’re totally in love!