Three little breakfast ideas to kick start your day the right way

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Yep, we’ve all hear this one many times before haven’t we? Over the years mums have been telling kids they need a good breakfast inside them to be able to get on with the day, and for once this isn’t an old wives tale. Breakfast really is an important meal! It kick starts the metabolism and prepares the body for it’s tasks ahead. So why do so few of us make it a priority? Ok, so time restraints can make it difficult, but really not having a great breakfast should never be the norm. So this week we’re looking at three little breakfast ideas to kick start your day the right way. Enjoy!

WHY do we need breakfast

Briefly, breakfast is so important because you are literally breaking a fast. Throughout the night our bodies are working hard to digest the food we’ve eaten that day, and replenishing cells ready for a new day. A good meal in the morning also helps to boost the brain ready for new challenges and, of course, restores essential energy too. So breakfast is important! But its also challenging. So how do we make sure that what we eat first thing in the morning is actually going to benefit us for the rest of the day? It’s all in the ingredients.

Three little breakfast ideas to kick start your day the right

Three little breakfast ideas…

Time is of the essence. And if you have somewhere you need to be in the morning, chances are breakfast is either on the go, or skipped altogether. Well, there is nothing wrong with breakfast on the go if you¬†really¬†don’t have time to sit down- but NEVER skip it! Here is¬†one breakfast idea¬†that can be easily taken with you on the morning commute:


The smoothie breakfast is perfect for those who simply don’t have time to sit at the table, but still want to get a good breakfast down them. So pack your cup full of nutrients and goodness each and every morning and take it with you. Our three favourite smoothie recipes are:

  • Berry blast:¬†pop some kale or spinach into the bottom of your mixer, then top with frozen berries, coconut milk, a dessert spoon of chia seeds and a teaspoon of wheatgrass powder. Blend and enjoy. For an added energy boost you can add half a banana too.
  • Coffee pick me up:¬†so this one needs a little overnight prep, but it’s worth it! Soak 32g cashew nuts in water overnight. The next morning, add them to your blender along with half a banana, a teaspoon of cocoa powder, a handful of ice, half a cup of cold coffee, a teaspoon of maple syrup. Top up with coconut/ almond milk and blend. Delicious! The coffee will pick you up and the cashews will provide enough protein to keep you feeling fuller until break time.
  • Blueberry bullet: a real super smoothie! Again, some overnight prep is needed, but it’s worth it! Pour 3/4 cup boiling water over two green tea bags, seep for four minutes then discard the bags. Let the tea chill overnight. The next day, add two handfuls of blueberries to the tea, along with 3 ice cubes, two table spoons unsalted almonds, and a table spoon of flax seeds. Top with almond milk, and blend.

If you do have time to sit and enjoy your breakfast, here are two staples that will see you through the day without making you late.

Overnight oats

Always get everything ready the night before- another gem from my mum! But it works. Overnight oats are a fabulous breakfast because they provide energy for the day ahead, and if you pack enough protein in you’ll feel fuller for longer too. AND they require no preparation in the morning. Win win! Here are our two¬†favourite overnight oat recipes:

  • Banana and choc-¬†so simple to make! Simply pop 40g gluten free oats in a sealable pot, add half a banana, sliced, a teaspoon of chia seeds, a teaspoon of maple syrup, a teaspoon of cocoa powder and 85g¬†coconut milk. Then add a tablespoon of cashew nut/ almond nut butter. Stir or shake and leave overnight. Delicious!
  • Cinnamon dream:¬†place 40g gluten free oats in a sealable pot, then add 85g coconut milk. half a teaspoon cinnamon, one teaspoon vanilla extract and 85g chopped fruit- banana works really well here. Shake, and leave overnight.

Our last breakfast idea requires no overnight prep, and as little or as much cooking as you are able to do…


Probably the ultimate in breakfasts! Eggs are so high in protein that they will keep you feeling full for much longer than a bowl of cereal. Scramble them, boil them or poach them- its up to you. Eat them with avocado, wholemeal toast, or smoked salmon. Eggs are so versatile and one sure fire way to get your body ready for the day. Enjoy!

What are your favourite breakfast recipes?