Three Little Dog Grooming Tips for

Three Little Dog Grooming Tips for Autumn

Three Little Dog Grooming Tips for

We’ve talked about adapting our own skincare routines for autumn- so what about our furry four-legged friends? As regular readers will know, we love our pets here at Little Soap… so much so that they have their very own products: the Little Beast range! So because we love our dogs so much, and we know that so many of you do too, we’re sharing three little dog grooming tips for autumn. Hopefully they’ll help you out, and hopefully you’ll share some of your own pearls of wisdom in the comments too!

Don’t stop grooming!

Now is not the time to stop your well established grooming routine- rather, now is the time to step it up a gear. Don’t be tempted to think that longer fur means your dog will stay warmer as the weather gets colder. In fact, dialling down the trims can lead to more matting and all the issues that come with it.

It’s really important to brush your pet’s fur regularly to help prevent excessive shedding and to help their fur prepare for winter. The brushing will distribute essential natural oils to help prevent dryness that inevitably comes with harsher, colder winds and having breathable fur means your dog is naturally insulated.

We recommend: our Organic Little Beast Pet Spritz for in between your regular grooming sessions. The pure lavender essential oil and apricot kernel oil that we use is just perfect for conditioning and moisturising your dog’s coat for autumn.

Don’t reach for the coat too soon

Three Little Dog Grooming Tips for

One of the best things about autumn is that we can still get some lovely warmer days before the winter chill sets in for good. Some days it can be hard to know what to wear in the morning- do we wrap up warm or do we wear lighter layers? Luckily this is easily sorted- but not so for our dogs! If its genuinely very cold when you set our for your walk, then by all means pop a coat on to keep them warm. But if its not too bad, then leave it at home.

If your dog wears a coat too often when its not really needed, it can actually cause knotting of the fur as it rubs, which leads to matting. And make sure you brush your dog’s fur every time they do wear one too!

Don’t stop treating for fleas

Just because your dog is less likely to catch fleas during autumn walks, doesn’t mean it won’t happen- and those pests will certainly enjoy your nice warm house, that’s for sure! So it’s really important to keep up with your regular flea treatments throughout the season and not be tempted to skip, even just the once.

We recommend: our Organic Little Beast Pet Shampoo bar because its made with pure lavender essential oil to fragrance, apricot kernel oil to moisturise, and coffee granules to naturally repel fleas.