Three Little Festive Treats to Enjoy Now!

Three Little Festive Treats to Enjoy Now! just a few days time we will be celebrating Christmas once and for all and we couldn’t be more excited! But why wait until Sunday? Haven’t we all been rushing around like headless chickens for long enough? Let’s live in the moment with a few little treats now shall we? Here are three of our favourite little festive treats for you to enjoy now! Because, why not?

Nourish your mind

Let’s face it, this time of year is crazy busy isn’t it? Most of us spend the entire month on December racing around either shopping, visiting, working, socialising… Where does it all end? Usually with burn out. Stress is the number one cause of insomnia for adults in the UK, and Christmas doesn’t really help when we have extra responsibilities piled upon our shoulders. How are we supposed to relax and enjoy Christmas day if we’ve spent the whole of the run up to the big day in a state of wound up tension? Time to unwind NOW, as a gift to yourself. How? Here are three ways you can do it:

  • Have a massage. We’ve written before about the wonders of a good massage, and now more than ever is the time to book one in. Massage is a wonderful stress reliever and will help to reduce tension as the big day approaches. Believe us, you won’t regret it! Read more here.
  • Write it down. If you buy yourself one gift this year, make it a gratitude journal. Then make a resolution to yourself to use it every day. Practising gratitude is one way that you can nourish your mind during this manic season, and this is why. When you take a moment to step back and appreciate what you have, you open yourself up to happiness. And feeling happy is the body’s natural defence against stress and anxiety. Try it. Amidst the panic buying and deadlines, take a moment to think about the small things you’re really grateful for. Read more about the ways in which gratitude can change your life here.
  • Sleep more. Not only will more sleep nourish your mind, but your body will thank you for it too.Honestly, this time of year it really is imperative that you get a few early nights under your belt to help you cope. With all the extra nights out and- especially if you have kids!- the early mornings, you’re going to need a little more beauty sleep now more than ever. Read more about how you can get better sleep here.

Nourish your body

Christmas is the season where we all loosen our belts a little and say yes to a second helping. And you know what? That’s Three Little Festive Treats to Enjoy Now! fine! There is no better time to indulge, and when we’re with friends and family eating is a huge part of that social experience. But that being said, there’s no reason why we don’t balance all of that with some delicious yet healthy festive treats. When you eat good, you feel good. So it stands to reason that while we’re taking care of ourselves at a time of great stress, we should also be nurturing our bodies too. Here are three top tips to help you do this:

  • Try to eat as clean as possible, for as many meals as possible over Christmas. This doesn’t mean you have to say no to Christmas pudding, or that you should refuse to take a chocolate when the box is offered. Instead, take a balanced approach. If you indulge, then make sure that the next thing you eat is ‘clean’. Read our clean eating tips here.
  • Swap the ‘naughty’ treats so you don’t miss out. If you do find you’ve overindulged, or you know that you’re likely to if the food is offered, then why not plan ahead and make some treats that aren’t going to hurt? We love these raw cookies for Christmas.
  • Keep up your exercise regime. Just because it’s Christmas and the gym is shut, don’t be tempted to ditch the exercise altogether. Believe us, you’ll feel so much better amidst the chaos of Christmas if you take some time to get the blood pumping. Read the post for more tips on exercising through winter.

Nourish your soul

As selfish as it might sound, now is the time to take care of YOU. Yes, other people are important to you and Christmas especially is a time where we like to think of others and do what we can to show we care. But you can’t pour from an empty cup, and so you must make sure that you do something that makes you happy this Christmas. If that means ditching one or two visits then so be it! Review the things that make you happy, make you smile and make you feel content. Nourish your soul, and have a merry Christmas!