Three Little Myths About Superfoods That You Need to Know Now

Three Little Myths About Superfoods That You Need to Know term superfoods is certainly popular right now, and we use it a lot here at Little Soap Company. It’s a useful term to describe the amazing properties of certain foods that are grown naturally on our planet, foods that we need to respect and protect- and consume. But what exactly defines a superfood? What makes a food ‘super’ and are we being tricked by manufacturers into thinking the things that we’re buying have more super powers than they really do? There are some foods that we can all agree do wonders for our bodies and minds, but there are others that we don’t really know a lot about. Are we being fooled by clever marketing, or are they really amazing new foods we simply have to try? Here, to help you make up your mind, are three little myths about superfoods that you need to know now.

Superfoods will make you younger

Ok, so we regularly tell you all about the amazing properties of organically grown product that is in season right now. We do it every month, to remind you to shop in season and to make the most of the abundant fruits of the earth while you can. We recommend recipes and DIY beauty treatments that you can make using these superfoods. And we are not selling you a lie either! Each of the foods we tell you about really do have amazing health benefits, and you know that they’re a lot healthier than eating take aways and junk food, right? But do they really make you younger?

No. At least, not by themselves. This, my friend, is down to you. You cannot reverse time. No matter how hard you try, superfoods will not make you younger! They can certainly help towards slowing down the signs of ageing, but they can’t do that alone. You need to give them a helping hand here. Better sleep, better overall diet, no alcohol, no skipping your skin care regime, no smoking, avoid pollution, avoid stress… there are many factors at work here. Ultimately though, the rate at which your body shows sings of ageing is also down to genetics. Superfoods can help a little, but they’re not going to change your appearance radically I’m afraid.

You want to look younger (and don’t we all, at some point) ? Then take steps now to protect what you’ve got. Eat the right foods, exercise, get fresh air and practise relaxation techniques regularly. Take supplements if you wish, and your doctor says it’s ok, and live your life with happiness and peace. Maybe then you might find thatĀ lookingĀ young andĀ feeling young are one in the same thing after all.

Superfoods will make you thinner

Again, a myth that people believe will take away the hard work associated with weight loss. Because for the majority of us, losing extra pounds is not as easy as the diet industry would have us think. And the diet industry is HUGE. It makes an enormous amount of money because it is playing into the fears and anxieties of so many people. Chances are you’ve met someone in your life time on one diet or another. Chances areĀ youĀ have been that person too. Then someone tells you about the amazing properties of this new superfood that is guaranteed to help you lose weight, as long as you eat 33 every day… stop and think about that for a second.

Everything scientists know about weight loss comes down to one thing. Calories in, and calories out. If your body is in a calorie Three Little Myths About Superfoods That You Need to Know and you are burning more through exercise, you will lose weight. How can eating a superfood 33 times a day make thisĀ scientific evidence wrong? Yes, certain foods will indeed help to increase your metabolism and some will help you to feel fuller for longer so you eat less, but ultimately the hard work is down to you, not the latest superfood fad. YOU are the super hero here, my friend.

Superfoods will make you healthy

This is a really tricky one, and a myth that we all buy into time and time again. Aren’t we told as kids to eat our greens if we want to grow up strong and healthy? And the tricky thing is that it’s certainly true that greens are good for us, and will help to aid our development into strong and healthy adults. But superfoods alone cannot do the work. And, as many experts will tell you- what is one man’s medicine is another man’s poison.

We’re all different. It’s going to take different things to allow our bodies to reach optimal health. Eating a few superfoods (even every day) is just not enough to change how healthy we are. The most important thing is to ensure that our entire diet is wholesome and as natural as possible, filled with as many superfoods as we can manage. It’s about learning which foods work with your own body, which foods taste nice and satisfy you. Which foods provide the fuel you need to go out there and exercise, which make you feel good inside and which make give you energy, vitality and feelings of wellbeing. You know what? That might be chocolate! It might be avocado. It might be acacia berries. Your body is unique and you are an individual- the idea that eating the exact same superfoods as everyone else is going to give you the same health and vitality is absurd.

So are superfoods a myth? No, absolutely not! Fill your body with nutrient dense foods, and read up on their properties so that you can be certain of the jobs that they are doing within. But remember that they’re not a quick fix. Health and vitality depends on you, and you alone. Superfoods will help, but they won’t fix you.