Three Little Natural Beauty Ingredients we Can’t Live Without

Now that the colder weather has well and truly set in, we’re looking to make sure our beauty regime is in tip top condition. This time of year can see our skin drying out- thanks to cold air and the humidity of central heating- and our hair frizzing up thanks to more rain and less sunshine, and nobody wants that! So here are three little natural beauty ingredients we can’t live without right now…

Three Little Natural Beauty Ingredients we Can't Live oil

We’ve written so many posts that celebrate the wonder that is coconut oil, but it really does deserve another mention! Coconut oil is the one staple we cannot live without all year round- and we have a jar in the kitchen plus a jar in the bathroom too. It’s an essential and if you don’t have any at home right now, then you know what to do!

Why do we love coconut oil in the winter? It’s one of nature’s best loved beauty products. Fantastic to eat, fantastic for skin and fantastic for hair. To use simply, all you need to do is rub it gently into dampened skin. To use it in other ways, read on.

For hair

Coconut oil makes a wonderful hair mask because it locks in moisture and leaves your hair so soft and silky- and in the winter time this is no mean feat! To use as a mask, simply rub a little into your scalp and allow to rest there for at least five minutes. Then wash your hair as you would normally, before rejoicing in THE most soft, shiny hair ever.

For your face

We love hydrating face masks and coconut oils is one of the best ingredients to include when you make your own at home. They don’t need to be complicated either. One of our favourites is this beautiful coconut oil and honey mask. All you need is

  • One tablespoon of organic Coconut Oil
  • One tablespoon of honey

Simply mix the ingredients together and apply to the face using gentle circular motions. Leave for around ten minutes, then wash and rinse, patting dry and following with a good moisturiser. Bliss.

For exfoliating

Sometimes we need to lift that dead layer of skin and in the winter a good exfoliator is essential. We love to make our own, of course, and once more coconut oil is our starting point. We love this coconut oil and coffee mask so much! To make it you need:

  • One tablespoon of ground organic coffee beans
  • One tablespoon of organic coconut oil

Mix both ingredients together and apply to the face in gentle circular motions. Rinse well and pat dry.


Are you into matcha yet? If not, why not? Matcha is one of life’s little super heroes. It’s green tea, powdered- and it packs a huge punch. Match is proven to be a more potent source of nutrients than traditional green tea, and is super high in antioxidants which means that it can help to protect against heart disease and cancer, regular blood sugar and reduce blood pressure. It also helps in the fight against ageing. Hoorah!

Green tea is an acquired taste, but a shot of matcha powder in your juice or smoothie each day isn’t going to drastically change the taste, but it will drastically improve your health! Not only that, but you can use matcha in other ways too. Mix one teaspoon with two bananas and a teaspoon of honey, then apply half of the mixture to your face for a super powerful antibacterial face mask. Leave for at least ten minutes before washing and rinsing. And the other half? Eat it of course!Three Little Natural Beauty Ingredients we Can't Live


Not only do we love the taste of ginger right now, but we’re also loving the powerful health benefits too. Ginger has long been known for its abilities to treat digestive issues (including nausea) and coughs and colds too. So this time of year it really is an essential ingredient to have at home. And, of course, ginger can be used in a variety of ways when it comes to natural beauty too. We love this wonderful lemon and ginger hand scrub at this time of year because it really helps to soften and soothe dry chapped skin. We don’t take enough care of our hands sometimes!

To make it you need:

  • Five of tablespoons jojoba oil
  • One teaspoon of lemon zest
  • Half a cup of cup epsom salts
  • One inch of peeled and finely grated ginger

And to make it, you simply mix all the ingredients together in bowl, then apply to your hands. Be generous! The more the merrier with this one. Massage your hands gently for a few minutes, taking care to focus on your cuticle and ay particularly dry areas. When you’re done, rinse well in warm water and follow up with a  good hand moisturiser.