Three Little Reasons to Buy Your Pet a Gift this Christmas

Three Little Reasons to Buy Your Pet a Gift this you’ve started (or maybe even finished?!) your Christmas shopping and you’re feeling good about it. Wives, husbands, sisters, aunts, uncles, teachers- all sorted. But aren’t you forgetting something? Or, rather, someone? Our pets are central to our everyday happiness, and regular readers of this blog will know just how much we love our dogs here at Little Soap HQ. To us, it stands to reason that our four legged friends should make it on to the gift list every year, but incase you need convincing, here are three little reasons to buy your pet a gift this Christmas…

Your pet is a part of your family

First and foremost, your pet is a crucial part of your family and personally we think this is the best and only reason why buying a gift is just a no-brainer. Giving gifts at Christmas is a long standing tradition that we’ve all invested a lot of time, effort and money into over the years. But gift giving really doesn’t need to break the bank, and for members of the family this is never more true. When you truly know a person (or a pet!) buying a gift for them is really quite easy.

You know your family members inside out. You know what makes them happy, the things that they use on a daily basis, and the practical items that make them smile. Receiving a vacuum cleaner for Christmas may on the surface sound like grounds for divorce, but sometimes thats just the gift that will make them smile! The same goes for your pet. We spend so much time with them, day in and day out, and grooming plays a huge role in not only the maintenance of your dog but also in their health and happiness too. Grooming your dog strengthens the bond between you both, and at the end of the day its these bonds that make a family.

Our Little Beast Pet pack contains all your dog’s favourites in one special gift pack that’s just perfect for Christmas. Three Little Reasons to Buy Your Pet a Gift this


Your dog loves you unconditionally

Ok, so we buy aunts and uncles presents every year, and sometimes we take part in secret Santa initiatives at work… but mostly the gifts we buy aren’t thought out that well and don’t really mean that much either. There’s been a slight shift in the culture of gift buying over recent years, but most of us still tend to buy presents because we feel we ‘ought to’. What a feeling it is to buy a gift because the recipient has shown you nothing but love the entire time you’ve known them!

Research and studies have proven that the bond between a dog and its owner is unique. Your dog loves you. Your dog shows you how much they love you every single day. Can you say the same about Dave from accounts? Buying a gift for someone who loves you, and for whom the sentiments are very much reciprocated, is such an amazingly warm and fuzzy feeling.

EVERYONE is doing it

Ok, so this reason is slightly more shallow but hear us out for a moment! Last Christmas, experts predicted that more than half of UK pets were set to receive gifts from their owners, and one in ten of those surveyed revealed their belief that their pets would be more appreciative of their gifts than other family members! This year, we suspect there will be even more gifts under the tree for pets- whether its down to keeping up with current trends or not!

Trust us, your dog really will appreciate a kindly thought out gift, and yes- they will totally show their gratitude to you!