Three Little Reasons to Embrace World Kindness Day

Three Little Reasons to Embrace World Kindness is World Kindness Day, a day created with the intention of spreading joy a little further into the lives of others. A day in which we highlight the good deeds of others, celebrate the actions that make us smile, and focus on the power of positive thinking. Sound like something you could get on board with? On the fence? Read on to discover three very good reasons why you should embrace World Kindness Day this year…

We can make kindness the norm

What do we even mean by kindness, and can it really become the norm in today’s society? We’d like to think so! Kindness is often described as being friendly, generous and considerate. Thinking of others, being mindful of our own actions and how they might impact others. Taking steps to go the extra mile in order to extend friendly vibes, generosity and consideration to others- whether or not we get anything back in return. Would it make the world a nicer place if we were all like this? You bet! Can it become the norm? Absolutely!

When kindness is the exception, when we experience nothing but negative vibes, disinterest and even disdain in life, our outlook can become very bleak very quickly. But when kindness becomes the norm, we’re instead surrounded by compassion, happiness and joy- on a daily basis! They say that not every day is good, but there is good in every day- and adopting this philosophy can be the start of something quite amazing indeed.

This World Kindness Day, let’s make kindness the norm. Let’s teach others to be kind. Let’s lead by example. The results can only be good.

Kindness is good for your mental health

We’re huge advocates for protecting our mental health, and so embracing World Kindness Day can surely be a positive step in your journey towards improving happiness and wellbeing. By simply extending kindness to others, you are responsible for creating a chain reaction of positive actions. You are responsible for making someone else smile. You are responsible for passing that kindness on- and on, and on! Spreading happiness, joy and kindness literally does wonders for your emotional wellbeing- just give it a go and see for yourself.

Kindness allows us to live more mindfully

It’s so easy to just put your head down and battle on through life without bothering anyone. Without disturbing anyone. Without doing harm, causing offence or ruffling feathers. But is it enough? How about we try lifting our heads instead? Meeting the eye of another as we pass them in the street and smile a small greeting? How about we hold open the door, or give up our seat? How about we take some time out of our day to check in on the vulnerable people we pass by each day?

By embracing World Kindness Day, we’re forcing ourselves to look at how we interact with the world around us, and what we can do to make our own impact a little more positive. We’re forced to become more mindful of our every day actions, more mindful of the thoughts and feelings of others. We’re forced to come out of our bubbles a little.

Imagine if we all embraced World Kindness Day. Imagine if we all lived more mindfully, and made kindness the norm. Imagine if we were able to spread a little happiness and joy wherever we went. What an amazing world that would be.