Three Little Reasons to Gift Soap this Christmas

’Tis the season to buy lots of gifts… or is it? What if this year, you take a moment to stop and think before you splash the cash? What if you ask your friends, family and loved ones what they actually want to find under the tree on Christmas morning, rather than play the age-old guessing game and running the risk of getting it wrong… again? 

Every year in the UK, the amount of rubbish we send to landfill increases by a shocking 30%, as we throw out an eye-watering 688,000 tonnes of stuff we don’t want or need. Wrapping paper, unwanted gifts, plastic packaging, single-use Christmas crackers- it all piles up. So this year, as is our tradition here at Little Soap, we want to encourage you to shop responsibly this festive season. And where better to start, than here?! Here are three little reasons to gift soap this Christmas.

Our soap is sustainable

Remember those depressing stats linked to the waste we generate each and every Christmas? Well gifting soap can help to reduce the gigantic toll our festive spending has on the environment. 

Not only do we care deeply about the provenance of our ingredients (we’re hot on where our ingredients come from, how they’re produced and the impact they have on our planet), but we also strive to ensure we keep our damage to the environment as low as possible. This means we don’t use dyes, synthetic fragrances or silicones. So when you wash our soap down the plughole, you don’t put the environment at risk. 

Three Little Reasons to Gift Soap this Christmas

But it doesn’t end there. We all know that bar soap lasts a lot longer than liquid soap and requires less energy and water usage in its production. But did you know that here at Little Soap we’re super picky about our packaging too? We’re proud to have a plastic-free supply chain. We use cardboard for our outer cases and when we send online orders we only use boxes, paper wrap, shredded or zigzag paper and corrugated cardboard which is biodegradable and recyclable. All of our cartons are 100% recyclable. And we manufacture in the UK, helping to keep our carbon footprint down even further.

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Our soap is practical yet luxurious

Let’s face it, we all need to wash our bodies- and for this reason, soap makes an excellent practical gift. But while it’s certainly functional, soap can be luxurious too.

Our Rose Geranium soap is amazing for gifting to that friend who craves an evening to herself. The friend who needs to unwind and relax. And you can be the friend who gives her just what she wanted this Christmas!

We call the Rose Geranium bar our ‘happy soap’- great for everyday use, but with a touch of luxury for when you really need it. And like all of our other soaps, it’s totally free from detergents, SLS, sulphates, sorbates, silicones and synthetic fragrances. In other words, it will pamper your friend, it will care for her skin and it will make a GREAT gift!

Three Little Reasons to Gift Soap this Christmas

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Our soap truly shows you care

When you gift soap, you’re doing more than just handing them a beautiful gift. You’re letting them know you care. You’re recognising their need to pamper their body and feed their soul. You’re showing them that they’re worth that little bit of TLC, even if it’s just five minutes of peace in the shower each morning.

Whether you’re gifting soap to that one friend who never stops, or the one you know enjoys a long and luxurious bath every single evening, no matter what- the meaning remains the same. It’s an act of love, the gift of self-care. And that’s just priceless. 

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