Three Little Reasons to Gift Soap this Father’s Day

As we leap straight into June, of course we head closer to Father’s Day- and for some, this is a very special day indeed. Whether you are (or you know) a first time dad or a well seasoned dad, the question of what gifts should be top of your list is the topic of our musings today. Of course, we firmly believe that you can never go wrong with some beautiful toiletries, no matter what the occasion! Here are just three little reasons to gift soap this Father’s Day.

Excellent skin care is a must for dads

Just like mums, dads are subject to the same amount of sleepless nights and early mornings when babies are brand new. Depending on the family agreements, they may not always be up with the baby but broken sleep can play havoc on the skin none the less. Couple this with being out at work five days a week, and most men will agree that their skincare routine has dropped a little lower down in the list of priorities since becoming a dad. The thing is though, skincare isn’t just for women! Men have just the same amount of skin cells as their female counterparts, and just as much right to indulge in a positive skin care routine too. This year, let that special dad in your life know that it’s ok to spend a little longer in the bathroom!

We love the refreshing and revitalising power of citrus in our new Grapefruit and Orange range. With it’s unisex fragrance and all natural ingredients, dads all over the UK will be bounding for the shower every morning if this is waiting for them in there! Get the complete set of hair, hand and body wash, and we’ll send you a free bottle of hand wash as we celebrate one year with these wonderful, zingy soaps!

Dads need a little pampering too

We live in a busy world, and the pressures that face parents is only too real. The sad thing is that lots of men tend to suffer the strains of responsibility in silence, fearing the consequences of reaching out for help. Things are improving, but there is still a lot to do to change society’s views on the ways that men ‘should’ behave when it comes to emotional wellbeing. Let it be said that at Little Soap HQ we see no gender differences when it comes to the importance of self care. So this Father’s Day, remember that dads need a little pampering too.

Browse our collection of gifts and kits– we’re sure you’ll find something there for every dad imaginable!

Dads like to smell nice

To put it bluntly, nobody wants to smell like baby sick and cheerios- and sadly this is somewhat of a reality when you become a parent! But it doesn’t have to be that way. Let’s make a stand! Dads like to smell nice too, and we think we have a really lovely mix of unsiex fragrances throughout our range too.

We love the fresh and vibrant fragrance of our English Peppermint range; choose from our Organic bar soap with English Peppermint and Poppyseed, or our fresh and funky Natural Range bar soap with English Peppermint and Eucalyptus. Not to mention our ultra zingy citrus range- featuring the ever popular Natural Cleansing soap bar with zesty lemon, and the English Lavender with Orange too.

Of course, you can always opt for items from our our unperfumed range, or why not mix it up and go for a ‘make your own’ kit? Choose four artisan soap bars and let dad choose his favourite.

What are your top Father’s Day gift ideas this year?