Three Little Reasons to Love Organic Skincare

Three Little Reasons to Love Organic Skincare

It’s no secret that we’re huge advocates of organic skincare here at Little Soap, and we genuinely believe that you should be too. Here are just three little reasons to love organic skincare. 

Organic skincare products are planet-friendly

Organic skincare products are made with ingredients that don’t require the use of pesticides to grow them. This means that they support delicate ecosystems- rather than destroy them- enabling vast arrays of wildlife to thrive alongside the crops. Too many creatures (bees, for example) are being threatened by the use of pesticides, and some species are now not just dwindling, but disappearing completely. 

Organic farming helps to protect these creatures as it prohibits the use of toxic chemicals that are harmful to the planet and instead encourages sustainable farming practices. So when you buy organic skincare products, you’re also supporting less pollution, less soil erosion and less damage to the environment. You’re helping to protect the biodiversity of countless vital ecosystems around the world. You’re supporting communities across the globe- by helping them choose sustainable growing and harvesting practices. That’s pretty amazing!

Organic skincare products are people-friendly

Organic skincare products are also free from synthetic colours and fragrances, and they don’t use genetically modified ingredients either. This means that products which are organic are less likely to trigger allergies or cause sensitivities (of course, always check for ingredients that you know you are sensitive to!), and you’re not exposing your body to potentially harmful chemicals either. 

Did you know that synthetic ingredients such as those found in non-organic skincare products can actually damage your skin, causing it to weaken over time and putting your body under immense stress? Prolonged use of products containing harmful toxins can lead to reduced oxygen exchange to the skin, which is really bad news when it comes to premature ageing, wrinkles and sunspots. 

Compare this to the benefits you can derive from natural ingredients, chosen carefully to nourish, soothe, hydrate and care for your skin. Organic skincare products are gentle, kind to your body and 100% supportive of overall health.

Organic skincare supports cruelty-free practices

Animal testing for skincare products has been banned in the UK since 1998, and since May 2023 the government have refused to license the testing of “chemicals that are exclusively intended to be used as ingredients in cosmetics products” (Read the statement here) .

This means that all skincare products made in the UK will not be tested on animals, and will not contain ingredients that have been tested on animals either. 

This is good news, but it’s still really important to read the labels on your products, even if they’re organic- sadly, some may still use ingredients derived from animals. This is a handy list of ingredient names to look out for, look for the leaping bunny logo too. 

A Spotlight on Little Soap Organic Range

We can’t hide it. We’re as passionate about the environment as we are about your skin- so it’s really important to us to ensure our organic soap bars are made in England. This reduces the miles they travel before they get to you, and helps to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible.

Our organic soap bars are 100% free from any ingredient which could harm the environment too- so no dyes, no synthetic fragrances, no silicones. No nasties! Oh, and we also go to great lengths to ensure that our packaging is made only from recycled material, which can also be recycled and which is biodegradable too. 

We’re cruelty-free, recognised by the Vegan Society, RSPO certified and very proud to be registered as a B-Corp. In other words, you can trust us- but please do still read our labels, and if you have any questions at all we’re always here to help you!

Three Little Reasons to Love Organic Skincare

Shop our Organic Soap Range

Our Organic Bar Soaps are hugely popular best sellers, and there’s a good reason for that! Each bar is made with 100% natural, organic ingredients with absolutely no detergents, SLS, sulphates, alcohol, parabens, sorbates, silicones or synthetic fragrances. Perfect for bath, shower, sink or travel.

Choose from our Organic Pure Rose Geranium Bar Soap ( we call it our ‘happy soap’!), Organic Pure Lavender Bar Soap (super soothing and calming, so great to use at the end of a busy day), Organic Lavender and Citrus (a little ray of sublime soapy sunshine!), Organic Grapefruit and Orange ( zesty and zingy!) Organic Poppyseed and Peppermint Soap Bar (such a healing and invigorating blend), and our Organic Unperfumed Bar Soap with Oatmeal (GREAT for sensitive skin).

Three Little Reasons to Love Organic Skincare

We also have a gorgeous range of Organic liquid soaps too- namely our Organic Concentrated Grapefruit and Orange Hand Wash (designed to put a real spring in your step!), Organic Concentrated Rose Geranium Hand Wash (the same happy blend as our bar, in liquid form!), Organic Concentrated Lavender Hand Wash ( a warm and spicy treat for your hands). 

Last- but most certainly not least!- we have two very special bubble baths: Organic Concentrated Roses Geranium and Organic Concentrated Lavender–  both absolutely perfect for those times where only a hot bath will do. Rich, luxurious and gentle on the skin- we just know you’ll love them both.

A final word on our ingredients: we know it can be overwhelming when reading labels. We always say that reading them is vital, and if you spot any ingredients that you can’t pronounce, then it’s probably best avoided! This glossary contains more information on some of the most commonly used ingredients in our products. Hopefully, it will help you understand our soaps better!