Three Little Reasons to Love Our Bubble Bath

three little reasons to love our bubble bath

Is there anything in life much better than the feeling you get when you sink down low into a warm tub of bubbles at the end of a busy day? A good long soak in the bath is often the answer to many of the daily struggles we face: had a rough day? Run a bath. Feeling sore after that workout? Run a bath? Need a little pick-me-up? Run a bath? In this busy world, we live in, it’s all too easy to turn on the shower, jump in quickly and spring back out again without a second thought. 

But when was the last time you really slowed the pace down, and took some time to just be? When was the last time you enjoyed an all-body sensory experience aka a bubble bath? This week, we’re sharing just three little reasons to love our Little Soap bubble bath, and we think that by the end of it you’ll be counting down the hours until you can fill the tub yourself!

So here are just three little reasons to love our bubble bath…

1. They’re made using natural organic oils

Why does this matter? Because we care about the ingredients that go into making our products, and our bubble bath is no different. We use natural organic oils because we want to bring you the BEST bubble bath we can.

three little reasons to love our bubble bath

Yes, we could make a far cheaper (and inferior) product, with a way higher profit margin for us to enjoy…  but that would go against absolutely everything we stand for. Everything we put our name to here at Little Soap is honest. We stand by our ingredients because we’re proud of the products and because we want you to enjoy the best that we can produce.

So what organic oils do we use?

Pure Rose Geranium- rose geranium essential oil, known for the following properties:

  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antimicrobial
  • Mood balancing
  • Relaxation
  • Skin hydration
three little reasons to love our bubble bath

Another amazing essential oil to add to your bubble bath!

Organic Pure Lavender- with English Lavender Oil, known for:

  • Its ability to calm, relax and soothe the mind and body
  • Its ability to assist in a good night’s sleep
  • Anti-inflammatory properties 

This one is a no-brainer. Lavender bubble bath at the end of the day? Yes please!

2. They smell amazing

Our sense of smell is so powerful, and sometimes just the faintest whiff of something can bring back memories of beautiful days we’ve experienced with amazing people, of happy times and special moments. 

Smell and memories are very closely linked, with scientists believing that we can actually train our noses to become more sensitive to certain aromas. So each time you run a bath and pour in some of our bubble bath, you have the opportunity to sink back and drift away to a happy time, a place in your memory where life was free and easy… if you want to! 

The point is, having such powerful links between smell and emotions really does make a bubble bath something special. A chance to really relax and drift away from your busy life for a moment. And we choose our aromas very carefully too. 

3. They offer you the chance to unwind

The fact is that bubble bath is made for the bath. There are no shortcuts here. You have to add it to running water, and you have to take some time out to relax, even if just for ten minutes. And why is this so important?

Today’s digital age can be relentless. We are constantly bombarded by emails, text, calls, video calls and more. We’re always on the go, being updated and instantly contactable by various means of communication. And while this is on the whole great, and means that we can keep our finger on the pulse 24/7… it also means we’re on the go 24/7 too.

According to this report, almost half of all UK workers are very close to burnout right now. And social media doesn’t help. The news is always there, always reporting and always reminding us that life is hard for so many people. And while we’d never advise burying your head in the sand, we do advocate for self-care.

It’s important to know when to switch off, so that you can return with all cylinder firing, ready to fight again. A bubble bath is just perfect for that, and you know it.