Three Little Self care Tips for Emotional Wellbeing

Three Little Self Care Tips for emotional

Here at Little Soap HQ we advocate a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, and we know the importance of staying in tune with the body and mind. The way that we view ourselves, the world and the people around us plays a vital role in our own happiness and wellbeing; we cannot stress enough how crucial it is to realise this. We are mindful of the foods that we eat, the products that we use on our skin and our hair. We are mindful of the impact our lives have on the planet and we try to shop responsibly. We are mindful of the feelings of others and of what it takes to develop and maintain healthy relationships. But are we mindful of what it takes to properly nourish ourselves? Self-care is a term that we hear often, but it can mean different things to us all. For some, it’s simply finding the time for that early morning shower, for others it’s a full on spa day. The point is, we all deserve some TLC from time to time, and we all deserve to feel good about that. With this in mind, here are three little self-care tips for emotional wellbeing.

Prioritise your own self worth

We see so much about self care in the media these days, which is ultimately a good thing. We want to spread the word that it really is ok to spend time on yourself, to enjoy your own company and to indulge in the small things that make you feel at peace, relaxed and soothed after a busy day. There is a drawback to all of this awareness raising though. Imagine you are a person for whom life is just very very busy. Perhaps you have a demanding job, small children, or elderly relatives to care for. Whatever your situation, carving out time to spend at the spa may just not be possible, so instead of adopting self care practises, instead we plummet into feelings of guilt that we cannot indulge in our own wants and needs as everyone else does.

Firstly, social media and the media have a lot to answer for! Self care really does look so different to each individual and you should never compare your own situation to another’s. Self care really isn’t always about long and luxurious days spent in the steam room with a glass of bubbly. Sometimes self care is getting up out of bed and finding the time to spend five minutes just focusing on your breathing. Sometimes it is simply getting up and out of bed.

The point is, that however small your action of self care, it is important. And it certainly is not comparable to anyone else’s either. Remember that you are worth the effort of these small acts of love, no matter how tiny there are, or how seemingly insignificant. Your self worth is something to be celebrated, in your own way.

Be mindful of burnout

Three Little Self Care Tips for emotional

Unfortunately, we live in a world where it is only too easy to suffer burnout, and the results of this can impact on not only our own emotional wellbeing, but that of those around us too. Busy lives (and there is no shame in being busy, or in admitting that you’re busy!) and hectic social calendars- both online and in real life- can sometimes cause our brains to suffer from overload. Think of it like a computer with too many tabs open. Eventually, the tabs to either side start to get squashed up and shrink. You can’t see or even remember their titles, what it was that was so important that you had them open in the first place. You can’t action anything on those tabs, until you close down some others first. The pressure of this can be enormous; you may feel that your to-do list is overwhelming and a mountain that you cannot climb…

It’s time to stop. Step back. Breathe. It’s too easy to take too much on, but learning to say no is vital for emotional wellbeing. Knowing when your cup is so full that it is overflowing is crucial if you want to achieve all that you set out to achieve. So how do we do this?

  • spend some time off-line. Unplug yourself digitally and do something else instead.
  • meditate. Today is World Meditation Day, so what better day to make a commitment to yourself? Practise deep breaths, take the time to train your mind to slow down and focus on nothing but those breaths.
  • make a list of your priorities, and learn to trust that you can delegate to others.
  • reach out and let others know when you’re feeling burnt out.

Nourish your whole being

Nourishment comes in many forms. Eat the right foods and your body will function well, which in turn will improve your emotional wellbeing. You will sleep better, move better and your brain function will improve. But nourishment also means paying that same close attention to other areas of your life.

Make time to develop and maintain friendships that are important to you. Foster your love for hobbies and activities that bring you joy. Spend a little time each day doing something that makes you smile- whether that’s folding laundry or taking a long bubble bath! Only you know how to nourish yourself! Once you take a holistic approach to health- mind, body and soul- you will see that taking charge of your own emotional wellbeing is not only something you should do regularly, but it’s a crucial part of your every day life. Its non-negotiable and you need to start now.