Three Little Signs Your Dog Needs a Pamper

Three Little Signs Your Dog Needs a love our pooches here at Little Soap HQ and we know that you do too! What better way to show your four legged friends that you love them, than to treat them to a much deserved pamper session? I mean, we all know how good it feels when someone we love does that for us, don’t we? So lets spread the love to our furry pals and show them how special they are! Here are three little signs that your dog needs a pamper- and the ideal treatments to give them to the indulgence they deserve!

Your dog’s fur is matted

Matted fur can be one of the first signs that your beloved pooch needs a pamper pronto! Its important to keep your dog’s coat clean and knot free but its not aways easy- especially if they enjoy being outside and rolling around in mud! Longer coats are notorious for becoming matted and if you’re not careful you can end up with a huge job on your hands. The best solution here is to keep on top grooming and make it a regular part of your routine with your dog. Brush your dog every day and deal with tangles as soon as you see them.

That said, the following steps will help treat matted fur:

  • Brush your dog’s coat and locate all the tangles that need your attention. They’re usually found under the ears, below the neck, under the belly and along the back legs.
  • Use a detangle spray to target the tangles and brush through carefully and thoroughly. Treats may be needed if your dog isn’t keen!
  • Add a spray of Little Beast Pet Spritz to moisturise your dog’s coat for ease of combing. The added lavender will also help to calm.
  • Use your fingers to gently pull apart stubborn tangles. This will take a while but it needs to be done!
  • Finish off with a brush over your dog’s coat. Remember to brush in the direction the hair grows when dealing with matting.
  • Once all mats and tangles are dealt with, bathe your dog. Use our Little Beast pet shampoo or shampoo bar.

Your dog smells!

There’s really no polite way to say this… when your pooch starts to whiff, its definitely time to wash! Our Organic Little Beast Pet Spritz is a great way to keep dogs smelling fresh between baths, and can be used to freshen up bedding too. It also has the added benefit of calming Lavender Essential Oil and moisturising Apricot Kernel Oil to condition and moisturise your pets coat- thus helping to avoid matted fur and tangles.

Your dog has long nails and dirty fur

Regular trips to the groomer is the only way to make sure your dog get used to being pampered and preened, and many prefer to let a professional do it all. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t take care of your dog yourself at home, and if you notice your pet has long nails and dirty fur you need to take action

Bath time with a dog is always a fun experience! Here are some tips to make it easy and enjoyable for all:

  • Get everything you need in one place before you introduce water to your dog! You need towels, shampoo, something to kneel on and a brush to use before your dog gets wet.
  • Make sure you’re using a decent pet shampoo specifically for dogs. Our Little Beast range features both liquid and bar versions so its up to you- both are organic, free from any nasty ingredients and contain calming Lavender Essential Oil, moisturising Apricot Oil and a hint of ground coffee beans to help naturally repel fleas.
  • Avoid the eyes and inside of ears.
  • Place a towel inside the bath to stop your dog from slipping, and have another to hand for ‘the shake’- drape it over your dog to prevent you and the bathroom from a soaking!