Three Little Tips for Autumn

Three Little Skincare Tips for Autumn

Three Little Tips for Autumn

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: we LOVE autumn! The falling leaves are so pretty. The dog walks are so invigorating. The sunsets are glorious. We just wish our skin loved it too! The problem isn’t really with the lower temperature and shorter days, so much as the world’s inevitable reaction to it all. We love nothing more than snuggling up with a warm blanket or dressing up in a thick coat and boots, but when you come back inside and the artificial heat hits you… yep. That’s the problem. So this week we’re sharing just three little skincare tips for autumn that we think you’re going t really love. You can thank us in the comments!

Never skip an exfoliating session

Three Little Tips for Autumn

Regular readers will already know that we advocate for regular exfoliating of the skin to keep it soft, to clean the pores effectively and to bring you that much sought-after glow. How often you do this is down to you- some skin types can tolerate daily exfoliation but other, more sensitive, types might find that once or twice a week is enough. The point to this tip is not how often- we’ll let you figure that out!- but rather to make sure you never skip it (in fact, you might want to increase the frequency a little). Once you have a good autumn skincare routine going, keep it that way!

Regular exfoliation during the cooler autumn months will help your skin to repair and renew- which is vital for skin that’s exposed to central heating inside and cold winds outside. When you exfoliate the skin, you help to remove the dead cells, encourage blood flow and even, according to some studies, prevent premature ageing. So, what are you waiting for?

We recommend: our Eco Warrior Exfoliating soap bar for regular, gentle scrubbing of the face and body. We use oatmeal and fragrance with citrus essential oils to reduce excess oil and to relieve skin irritation and itching, which is often another side effect of central heating!

Switch up your moisturiser

Lots of us tend to go for a higher day cream with SPF protection during the summer months, but now your skin needs something a little more intense. As part of your new autumn skincare routine, after you’ve exfoliated, aways follow up with a really good moisturiser, making sure to massage it gently into the skin. You need to do this every single day, possibly twice a day. Why? Just as we mentioned before, the culprit is that drop in temperature, combined with the use of artificial heating.

Three Little Tips for Autumn

But that’s not all you can do to ensure you’re really hydrating your skin at a time when it needs it most. It’s also really important to be picky about the way you cleanse too. Opting for a moisturising cleanser is the best way to prep your skin during this time of the year and a fantastic way to keep your skin healthy during the autumn.

We recommend: our Eco Warrior Beauty Edit Cleansing bar for a nourishing and gently clean, followed by a really good moisturiser. Or for ultra-sensitive skin, go for either our Unperfumed soap bar with avocado oil, or Unperfumed with olive oil.

Protect your skin

You get it. Autumn signals the start of a drop in temperature, the start of even colder weather to come. So NOW is the time to start up a really good protective autumn skincare regime that will see your skin through to the spring. Exfoliating and moisturising is key, but don’t forget the same goes for your lips (chapped lips thanks to biting winds is never nice!) and hands too. And, yes- you still need to wear SPF protection during autumn.