Three Little skin care tips for

Three Little Skincare Tips for Spring

Three Little skin care tips for

Hoorah for warmer days, longer days, brighter days! Spring is here and the all of us at Little Soap HQ are quite frankly over the moon about it. It’s been a long winter, hasn’t it? This particualr winter has definitely been more challenging than usual, we think you’ll agree- the cold weather coupled with national restrictions has meant lots of us have really had to dig in deep to take proper care of our emotional and physical health. Often, the challenges we face in our every day lives tends to show up in our skin- and never more so than when we can’t get to our usual salons for that much needed facial! So this week, we’re taking you through three of our favourite little skincare tips for spring, so that you can rejuvenate, refresh and revive once and for all.

Start with a spring clean

Before you tackle the transition from winter to spring skincare, you might want to do a little spring clean first. Go through you skincare products to check the sell-by dates- discard anything that is past it’s best, as it won’t due your skin any favours if you use it now. Using old products can lead to clogging the pores, a build up of bacteria and dull skin. Exactly what we don’t want! Use this time to declutter your toiletries and make up bag (make sure you clean your brushes and other items too!) and start the new season with a little more calm and order instead.

It’s a good idea to switch up your skincare regime as part of this spring clean too. Your skin’s needs change with the seasons- during the winter, our skin tends to dry out more (thanks to central heating and colder temperatures outdoors), but as spring progresses we find that the hydration levels in our skin change, so our regime needs to change with it. Now is the time to add more sunscreen to your regime, and to swap out your richer moisturiser for something a little lighter too.

Scrub away the winter
Three Little skin care tips for

Now is the time to buff away all the dead skin cells to reveal the softer skin beneath- from head to toe. Use a mild exfoliator on the face and body, and follow with a gentle cleanser, such as the Eco Warrior Exfoliating Bar, followed by the Sensitive Facial Bar. Aim to exfoliate the skin up to twice a week to remove dry or dull skin, boost circulation and brighten the overall appearance ready for spring.

Take a holistic approach

If living through a global pandemic has taught us anything in recent months, its the importance of taking care of ourselves. And while this post is dedicated towards updating your skincare routine for spring, we feel its worth mentioning the importance of taking a step back to asses the bigger picture. Our skin is an outside representation of our overall health, and if we want to improve it or keep it healthy, we have to take a holistic approach. Our final tips for glowing skin this spring? Take care of yourself.

Take time out every week, to just rest and recover from the daily stresses of life. Have an at-home facial, read a book, go for a long walk. Feel the sunshine on your face, the wind in your hair and the ground beneath your feet. Exercise regularly, drink plenty of water, prioritise sleep and take time each day to just breathe. When the mind, body and soul is connected and working well, it will show on the outside too.