Three Little Springtime Skincare

Three Little Springtime Skincare Tips

Three Little Springtime Skincare

Hoorah! At long last, temperatures are starting to get ( a little!) warmer and winter seems to be finally- FINALLY- easing across the UK. Is it just us, or has it been a really long winter?! As ever, this is your reminder to start thinking about mixing up your skincare routine for the change in season- you know how important it is to adjust and adapt as the year progresses! So without further ado, here are three little springtime skincare tips to see you right through to April and beyond.

Exfoliate: say goodbye to winter skin

Ok so we always recommend exfoliation when transitioning your skincare routine, but honestly there’s a very good reason for that! Exfoliation is crucial if you want to get rid of old skin cells and encourage new cells to form. And never more so than when we’re going in to spring!

Now that we’re experiencing less drastic changes in temperature (thanks to coming in from the cold, to artificially heated rooms and vice-versa), your skin is going to need a little time to recover and recuperate. Regular exfoliation will slough away the dry skin that winter brings, and will help you prepare for the summer months beyond spring.

Three Little Springtime Skincare

Springtime skincare tip: you only need to exfoliate your face once or twice a week, and always do this gently. Use our Eco Warrior Exfoliating Bar for both body and face, and in between, we recommend our Eco Warrior Sensitive Facial Bar.

Moisturise: pay special attention to skin that’s been hidden!

At last, we can leave the house without layering up and covering up with gloves, hats and scarves! But as we start to expose more of our skin, we really need to up our moisturising game too. Because your skin has been warm and cosy behind jumpers and thick socks etc, you might find that certain areas are feeling dry or irritated (thanks to friction from winter woolies!), or even that you’ve just fallen out of the habit of moisturising all over. If this sounds familiar, now is the time to tweak your routine and get back on track.

Use a really good, nourishing soap to cleanse all over, and follow up with a really good moisturiser too. Don’t forget areas such as the neck, tops of feet, knees and elbows. Oh, and of course- don’t forget the sun screen either!

Springtime skincare tip: We recommend our gorgeous Unperfumed Pure Olive Oil Soap Bar for a gentle yet moisturising daily clean. You can also try our Artisan Lavender and Oats bar for a sumptuous calming yet nourishing wash too.

Time for a spring clean!

Its not just the house that could do with a spring clean- the same goes for your makeup bag and bathroom cabinet too! Now is the time to really look at what you’ve got in the back of the cupboard and check whether its a) still in date or b) likely to be used over the coming months. Having a really good clear out of the stuff that isn’t going to do your skin any favours is a really good idea- so if you pass stuff on, or find other uses for it, please do! Check your labels for use by dates and discard anything that is too old to use.

Three Little Springtime Skincare

And while we’re at it- now’s the time to clean your brushes and other beauty tools too. Did you know that you can use a simple facial cleanser to clean your makeup brushes and sponges? Simply dip your brushes into warm water, keeping the bristles facing down. Then use soap to create a lather in your hands, then gently swirl each brush in the lather, until you see makeup running from the bristles. Rinse and repeat until the suds are clear of makeup, then gently blot them against a microfibre cloth and allow them to dry naturally, bristles facing down. To clean sponges, all you need to do is wet them, then use your facial cleansing soap to create a lather, rinse and repeat and allow to dry naturally.

Springtime skincare tip: We recommend our Eco Warrior Beauty Edit Cleansing bar for a gentle yet effective clean that will help keep your brushes and sponges in tip-top condition!