Three Little Tips for Beating the Post Christmas Blues

three-little-tips-for-beating-the-post-christmas-blues_littlesoapcompany-co-ukSo how was the big day for you? If you’re anything like the rest of us, you might be feeling a little tired, bloated and low? Its only to be expected, as we start to come down from the enormous high that is the festive season. I mean, we spend the entire month of December preparing for just one day. We take a week off work, we spend the whole time cooped up with loved ones eating, drinking and being merry. We ditch our best laid plans to exercise and take care of ourselves, and then what? We need some TLC, that’s what. Here are three little tips for bearing the post Christmas blues. Read them now, and remember them forever.


Ditch the new year resolutions

No sooner is Christmas done with than we’re being told we need to start planning for the next year ahead. We need to make resolutions. We need to change all that is wrong with ourselves, and we need to make sure we set goals to achieve more more more in the new year. Stop! New year resolutions are not good for the soul.

Why do we insist on berating ourselves for everything we’ve ‘failed’ at and strive to achieve unrealistic goals year after year after year? Why don’t we celebrate ourselves instead? This year, instead of writing a list of things that you want to do, why not try writing a list of things you’re proud of?

Take a jar, and fill it with your achievements. Your proud moments. The goals you’ve smashed! Every time you achieve something, no matter how small, write it down, fold it up and pop it in the jar. Then, next year when you’re tempted to start dwelling on all that you supposedly haven’t managed to do- read them all. Celebrate yourself and your achievements. When you ditch the new year resolutions and start to realise just how fantastic you really are, the better!

Take care of yourself

Now that you’ve finished rushing around taking care of everyone else, maybe you might want to start taking care of you? Post Three Little Tips for Beating the Post Christmas we tend to find ourselves feeling bloated, lazy and exhausted- not the best way to start the new year! But fear not, because you’re not alone. Now is the time of year that gyms start to see an influx of new members, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with you being one of them. Even one month at the gym can make a huge difference to your wellbeing, so make the move now and you won’t regret it. That said, there are other ways that we can start to take care of ourselves post Christmas:

  • Eat well. Indulge if you must, but make the treats as healthy as possible. We’ve been looking back over some of the sensational recipes we’ve shared with you over the last year and there are some amazing treats guaranteed to bring back your sparkle! Anyone for Chia Chocolate Mousse? Or healthy fudge? Or even a little organic dark chocolate? Read this post t find out why it’s good for you… 
  • Exercise. We’ve already mentioned how stepping back up to the fitness regime can help beat the post Christmas blues, but we wanted to say it again. It doesn’t have to be a gym membership. Find something that you enjoy, and stick to it. Maybe taking a walk, going for a run, or taking up yoga. You’re more likely to stick to something that brings you joy and makes you happy, so if the gym isn’t for you then don’t sweat it.
  • Sleep more. Sleep is so important! This is when the body takes time to re-charge and replenish and so if you’re not getting enough you’re going to feel it. Make sleep a priority NOW and you’re guaranteed to feel better for it.

Take a break from social media

Let’s face it, Facebook can be filled with images of perfect families living perfect lives, and this can lead to one thing when you’re feeling a little low. You end up feeling ever lower! Why torture yourself with all the things that you ‘should’ be doing according to your timeline? Instead, you might find that a social media break is just what you need. Read more about screen free time and its benefits here.