Three Little Tips for Eyes That Sparkle

They say that your eyes are the window to your soul, so what do yours say about you? If the answer is: ‘I’m exhausted, I don’t sleep well and I need to go to bed earlier’ then perhaps they’re not on the right page at the moment! It’s so easy to forget about our eyes in our daily routine, but really they are the most important feature of your face- therefore they should be top of our priorities when it comes to our beauty regime. They are the first thing that people look at when they talk to you, and the way that most of us communicate our emotions and thoughts during conversations. We want those eyes to shine! Here are three little tips Three Little Tips for Eyes That eyes¬†that sparkle. Let us know how you find them.

Aloe Vera Gel

We cannot praise Aloe Vera enough! It’s been praised¬†throughout history for a range of medicinal uses, and when it comes to skin care it’s second to none. It’s important to make sure that you’re buying pure aloe vera, especially when in gel form, so do check the ingredients label carefully to check the concentration. You don’t want it too diluted!

Aloe Vera gel is fantastic for reducing puffiness around the eyes and maintaining that sparkle we’re striving to achieve. With it’s infamous abilities to soothe skin, encourage cell repair and it’s powerful anti inflammatory properties Aloe Vera gel is probably the ONLY thing you need to help your eyes feel fresher and more awake, plus it will gently moisturise the delicate skin around the eye too.

Use the pad of your finger to gently tap aloe vera gel around the eye area. Don’t rub or pull the skin and allow to dry naturally.


You can either eat them, or you can mash them up and apply to the skin under the eyes. Seriously. Now, why would we do that? One of the reasons why our eyes can appear puffy, tired and dull can be down to the amount of salt in our diets. So, ¬†first off you need to be looking at how much salt you’re eating, and cut right back if it’s too much. In the meantime, bananas can help to counteract the effects too much salt has on the delicate eyes.

Because of their high potassium levels, bananas are known to be able to stop the effects of fluid retention caused by too much salt in the diet. Puree half a banana and apply to the under eye area. Leave for five minutes, then rinse and pay dry. It should help get that sparkle back!

Chamomile Tea

Another fantastic natural remedy for the eyes. And it couldn’t be easier to prepare either! Simply prepare a cup of chamomile tea and allow it to cool. Then soak two round make up sponges in the tea, squeeze of excess liquid and apply to the eyes. Lay back, relax and allow the chamomile to work it’s magic.

So what does it do? Chamomile has been used for years to treat a variety of issues, including¬†anxiety, sleep disorders, inflammation of the skin and the healing of skin wounds. It has such strong medicinal properties that it just has to¬†be part of your beauty regime too! It’s anti inflammatory properties are fantastic for reducing puffiness, easing soreness and bringing a little sparkle back into your eyes. Enjoy!

Don’t forget that the above are all really classed as ‘rescue remedies’ for your eyes, and they are in no way a replacement for good maintenance of eye health. It’s so important that you nourish and feed every part of your body, so don’t forget your eyes too. Drink lots of water, go for regular eye check ups and get plenty of¬†sleep too. Coupled with the above remedies every now and then your eyes will reflect the beauty¬†within in no time!