Three Little Tips for an Eco Friendly

Three Little Tips for an Eco Friendly Shave

Here at Little Soap, we’re aware that much of our blog content is often aimed towards women- and that’s something we’re intent on rectifying! This month we’re focusing on men a little more- take a read of our post showcasing our new men’s range, plus our post on Movember too. This week we’re sharing three little tips for an eco friendly shave- great for men, but just as good for anyone who shaves!

Lathering up

The key to a good shave is always to lather up, but most shaving foams are not eco friendly at all, plus most aerosol cans don’t actually contain enough foam to get you through more than half a dozen shaves or so. The answer? A shaving bar, of course. Naturally, we recommend our brand new Eco Warrior Men’s Edit Shaving bar for it’s naturally moisturising ingredients and luxurious lather- without the need for SLS!

A good shaving bar will soothe and nourish the skin both pre and post shaving, which is essential for keeping the skin soft and supple- especially in winter. Not to mention the fact that a shaving bar will last longer, and if you opt for ours you’ve got no plastic packaging and the bar itself is 100% biodegradable too. Our men’s edit is made with coconut oil and flaxseed oil and is fragranced with birch tar, cedarwood and patchouli for a gorgeous, fresh scent. We’ve also got the original Eco Warrior Shave bar made with coconut oil and shea butter and fragranced with afresh unisex blend of bergamot and lime- so you’re really spoilt for choice when it comes to a smooth eco friendly shave!

The shave

Three Little Tips for an Eco Friendly

With the lather covered and out of the way, on to the actual shave. It goes without saying that disposable razors are most certainly not eco friendly, so don’t be tempted by the smaller price tag. You may choose this as a more purse friendly option in the short term, but longer term those pieces of flimsy plastic have a very high price.

We’re huge advocates for reusable razors- and we’re even going to suggest the good old safety razor as an even better option to eliminate the need for disposable razor heads. The safety razor is actually making something of a comeback right now, according to this article from The Independent. All we’ll say is: take your time. Bottom line- say no to disposable razors for an eco friendly shave.


How you treat your skin after shaving is so important if you want to avoid itching and sore patches. We recommend a good moisturiser to nourish the skin, but of course we’re going for an eco friendly shave here so the final stage also needs some consideration.

Opt for moisturisers that use natural ingredients without chemicals or nasty additives that can irritate the skin. Always look for plastic free packaging too- and for the leaping bunny cruelty free logo so you know it’s not been tested on animals. As we’ve already mentioned in countless posts before, it always pays to do your research on the best eco friendly brands so that you can build up a bank of products you know and trust. Good luck!