Three Little Tips for Greenifying your Baby Care Routine

Three Little Tips for Greenifying your Baby Care you follow us on social you’ll know that we’ve recently celebrated another award win- this time in the very prestigious Green Parent Beauty awards! Our beloved Rose Geranium Bubble Bath has been awarded GOLD and the classic Lavender Bubble Bath has been crowned Best Buy! We’re over the moon, and so thankful that so many of you love our products as much as we do. With this in mind, this week we’re bringing you our top three tips for greenifying your baby care routine. Do let us know your top tips in the comments, and make sure you grab a copy of the August Green Parent magazine and Green Beauty Guide as we’re featured in there too!

Living an eco conscious life is something we strive to do here at Little Soap HQ, and when it comes to raising little people we believe that passing on our ethics and moral code is vital. We want to share the future to be conscious of our planet, to live intentionally and to care for the environment, and that starts at the very beginning. That said, it’s important that you as a parent use your instincts to ensure that the safety and happiness of your family is first and foremost. If you are not comfortable with a certain way of doing things, then that’s ok. At the end of the day, we are all just doing our best.

Moving on to our tips. Take from the following advice what you can, and do let us know in the comments how you strive to greenify your own baby care routine!

Swap to reusable nappies

This first tip is probably the most expensive of them all, but it only really takes a small investment before you start to reap the rewards. Using cloth nappies will actually end up saving you money in the long run, and the effect that you can make on the amount of rubbish we send to landfill each year is honestly priceless.

Check with your local council if they run a reusable nappy scheme; some authorities will offer discounts that can make all the difference. You can also check on your local buy and sell pages for preloved cloth nappies too. Online, some manufacturers will have special offers on starter kits, and all will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

At first, using cloth nappies might seem daunting, and the thought of ‘all that extra washing’ definitely puts people off. But take some time to properly research. Read forums, talk to friends. The reality is that when you have small children you tend to wash a lot anyway, and modern cloth nappies can be added to your usual cycle without any fuss at all. Once you’re in the routine of using cloth nappies, it won’t seem like such a big deal, but believe me- it really will make a huge difference to the planet.

Read, read, READ your labels!

The baby care industry is now a lot more savvy when it comes to using natural ingredients in products, but you still need to read your labels. Remember that whatever you put onto your skin is absorbed into the body, and this actually happens a lot faster for babies. Young skin is incredibly thin, with far fewer layers than adult skin- this means that products are absorbed a lot more quickly, and at a higher concentration rate. If your ingredient label has names that you can’t pronounce, then leave it on the shelf. Likewise, some DIY remedies may not be suitable for babies either, so do your research.

Our Rose Geranium and Pure English Lavender Bubble Baths are not marketed for babies, but they are safe to use, and by sharing your toiletries you’re doubling your effectiveness at protecting the environment and ensuring less waste. Voted GOLD and Best Buy respectively, judges agreed that both products are not only kind to delicate skin but worthy of recognition in light of their natural ingredients too. You really only need a tiny, tiny amount if you’re bathing with your baby (save water too!) and for the first few weeks you’re probably better off with just warm water.

Now is probably also a good idea to remind parents that YOUR health and beauty routine is of paramount importance right now too. Take care of you, so that you can take care of baby- make a relaxing bath part of your routine too, and show your family that your needs are just as important.

Buy Organic

What you baby wears matters. Choose materials that are kind to skin, soft to touch and not produced using harsh chemicals, and where you can you should choose organic fabrics. When your baby is starting to venture out onto solid food, is makes sense to ensure that what you feed them is as clean as possible. Organic fruit and vegetables are a little more expensive, but if you already eat this way yourself, it’s no big deal. And perhaps making this swap will benefit the whole family. Cook batches and freeze so that you minimise waste where you can.

Remember, that these are just tips. There is no right or wrong way, and as parents we sometimes need to simply find our own path to travel. Don’t beat yourself up about the small things; keep your eye on the bigger picture and if there are parts of your routine that you can turn green then go for it!