Three Little Tips For Post Christmas Energy

How was your Christmas? We hope it was as magical as can be, and filled with laughter and sparkles! So now what? Are you feeling a little deflated? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. This time of the year, in between Christmas and New year, is renowned for being slightly odd, and for leaving many people feeling a little lost if truth be told. The combination of the rush ending, the accumulation of lots of good food and- possibly- lots of good wine… it can all take it’s toll on the body if we let it. Here at Little Soap HQ we firmly believe that an 80/20 lifestyle is the way to go- so we truly hope you’ve had a lot of fun this festive season. Now its time to regain some of that energy we think! Here are three little tips for post Christmas energy. We hope they help!

Get outside and breathe in the fresh air

We spend so long cooped up inside over Christmas, way more than at any other time of the year. And who can blame us? The weather is cold, the house is warm. The shops are shut, the gym doesn’t open. Family and friends are visiting, and there’s always at least one Christmas movie on TV that you really shouldn’t miss. And for a lot of families, it’s this wonderful togetherness that makes the festive seasons so amazing.

Three Little Tips For Post Christmas EnergyBut our bodies begin to crave a little fresh air! Our legs need a stretch. Our minds need those endorphins to rush through once more, sending happy signals to our brains. Get outside- as soon as you can. Take the dog for a long Christmas day walk and make it you tradition to drag everyone else with you. Go for a run. Go for a walk. TThree Little Tips For Post Christmas Energyake the bike out. Whatever you do, get outside and breath in the fresh air. Get the heart pumping and you’re guaranteed to feel a million times better, with your energy levels back up to where they should be.

 Take some time out to pamper yourself

Does Christmas mean that you spend days on your feet, cooking cleaning and washing up? Does Christmas mean late nights and early mornings? Does Christmas mean days and night entertaining friends, family and other guests? If the answer to any of those is yes, then you need to take some time out right now. No wonder your energy levels are suffering! The busyness of Christmas doesn’t really end when the shops shut; for many of us that just signals a change in the to-do list. Take some time now to rejuvenate the body and mind, to replenish essential cells for recovery and to calm the body and mind.

Pour a long bath and add some Organic Pure English Lavender bubble bath to relax and soothe, light a luxury Rose Geranium candle to help balance your hormones and settle your mind. Then lie back and relax. You deserve it.

Get your diet back on track

And no, we don’t mean go on a diet! We simply mean now is the time to really focus on what you’re putting into your body and the hone in on the foods that will provide fuel so that you can function well after Christmas. So go for more natural foods- cut out the processed meals and opt for healthier options instead. If you indulged over Christmas, then your body will be simply crying out for some good food right about now!

Start your day with a mug of warm water and lemon to flush the body and clear the mind. You can continue to sip this throughout the day to raise your hydration levels, which is vitally important. Your body is going to need plenty of water to re-hydrate and to flush out toxins so get that water bottle filled!

And now you’re on the right track to clear you mind and body ready for New Year’s Eve!