Three little tips for spring cleaning your body

It’s time to get ready for spring. I mean, who else is totally over the cold and wind of winter already? Instead of huddling inside waiting for the weather to turn, let’s be proactive and prepare for warmer times instead! And in the spirit of spring cleaning, here are three little tips for spring cleaning your body- so you can be more than ready for the new season when it finally arrives.

Three little tips for spring cleaning your body~

Cleanse your body of the toxins that clog up your mind

We all know that toxins are bad for your health, and that a clean detox can help you back on the road towards feeling more full of energy and vitality. But did you know that there are toxins that also exist to destroy you from another level? The toxins that come from anger, stress and anxiety are just as bad for your health and now is the time to detox them from your life!

Sometimes eliminating toxins from our diet can add to our stresses and make us miserable, which is why we always recommend a gentle approach to changing your eating habits. And if you are feeling stressed, there is no way that a major change to your diet is going to work anyway, as you’re more likely to reach for comfort food in reaction. So, try these tips to chill out first:

  • Meditate. Never under estimate the power of the mind, and what it can do to aid in the physical and spiritual recovery of the body.
  • Adjust your diet gently. Don’t go for a rigorous detox just yet, but instead aim for a 60, 20, 20 approach. 60% vegetables, 20% fish and lean meats, and 20% other. Other being the kind of foods you think you’re not allowed.
  • Exercise. It’s proven to improve the mood, get the blood pumping and keep the body strong and healthy. Get moving!


Yes, it’s that simple. Make sleep a priority as we move into spring, and allow the benefits to seep into all areas of your life. It’s all too easy to take on lots of extra responsibilities as we move out of the colder winter months, and as the evenings grow a little lighter it can be tempting to move bedtime back a little too. Don’t be tempted. We need sleep to aid in the natural detoxification process in the body and after the business of Christmas and so on, spring is the ideal time to take stock of how much we’re really getting. Lack of sleep can wreak havoc on your body! If you’re having trouble drifting off, try these tips:

  • Go to bed at the same time every night. Without fail. Be kind to yourself, and make this a priority. A regular bedtime will help the body to set a recognisable circadian rhythm that will help you to prepare the body for rest.
  • Tailor your diet to your sleep. With this, we mean stop eating in good time before you go to bed, so that your body has chance to repair itself while you sleep, rather than digest food.
  • Go screen free. Read a book for the last hour before bed instead, as this will help your mind to switch off.

Get outside

The easiest and cheapest way to spring clean your body as the season changes is to get outside and allow Mother Nature to cleanse your body and soul. We shared tips on keeping up your fitness regime in the cold weather, and if you’ve been keeping yourself inside perhaps now is the time to make that change. Breathe in the fresh air! Get some vitamin D in your body and enjoy the world as spring approaches- we guarantee you’ll feel better for it.