Three Little Tips: Natural Skin Care for Tattoos

Three Little Tips: Natural Skin Care for you make the decision to have a tattoo, it becomes a lot more than a piece of artwork on your body. It’s permanent. Its a piece of you. A reflection of the things that matter, the things that have meaning to you and your life. And, as we assume we don’t need to point out (but we will anyway!), it needs looking after. Skin that has recently been tattooed needs a little extra TLC, so this week we’re turning our focus to exactly that. Here are our top three little tips for natural skin care when you have a tattoo. Please do leave a comment and let us know what you do to care for your tattoos, and if you follow us on social we’d love to see a photo! Find us on Facebook and Instagram.

Bonus tip: before you get your tattoo

We don’t usually start with a bonus tip, but in this instance we felt we should. If you’re yet to take the plunge and get your tattoo, please read this first! It’s so important to be fully committed to the design that you want and to understand that what you’re about to do is pretty much irreversible. Once that’s understood, there are some things you can do to prepare.

Take care of your skin. Nourish it (and in particular the area that you plan to tattoo) with love and care and make sure you use good quality, natural products to do so. Drink lots of of water to stay hydrated and treat your skin to regular pamper sessions too. Lastly, make sure you do your research. Spend a little longer reading up on the best places to get your tattoo, ensure that their safety and hygiene standards are top notch and don’t settle for a mediocre tattooist just because they’re slightly cheaper. You do not want to cut corners here.

Tip 1: Keep your tattoo clean

It’s actually ok to take a shower after you’ve had a tattoo, but you will need to keep the area away from the water flow. It might be better to take a bath instead, and adapt your cleansing routine a little, Gentle is the key word here. Use our wonderfully soft Unperfumed Soap Bar with Olive Oil to gently clean and and moisturise your skin. Don’t rub and don’t exfoliate the area- use soft, circlular motions to gently clean instead.

Tip 2: Let your tattoo breathe

In case you weren’t aware, let us break it to you. Your tattoo is going to be sore at first. It’s going to need to breathe in order to heal, and thereThree Little Tips: Natural Skincare for are a few ways that you can help it along the way. If your tattoo was bandaged after it was done, leave in on overnight before removing the dressings. Wear looser clothing that allows the skin to breathe- the last thing you want is tight clothes that are going rub and irritate the skin. Likewise, what you use on your skin is vital too, so that the tattoo is able to breathe and the skin is given chance to heal properly.

If you opt for dry healing, use nothing but water for the first 2-3 days, then move on to applying gentle, natural moisturisers. If you opt for wet healing, go ahead and use water and gentle cleansers to clean the tattoo (see previous tip) before applying a good moisturiser. We recommend our Organic Grapefruit and Orange Hand & Body Lotion. Keep products natural and light at this point, and let the tattoo be exposed to the air as much as possible.

Tip 3: Protect your tattoo

As you move beyond the initial week or so following your tattoo, it is so important to keep up your new skincare routine so that it becomes a habit you barely think about. Hydration is key. Keep it natural, nourishing and gentle. You will need to protect your tattoo as much as possible- remember that its part of you and it deserves your full love and attention!

Three Little Tips: Natural Skincare for area around your tattoo will start to scab over as it heals, and that can be itchy. Obviously, don’t scratch or pick! Keep it well moisturised and opt for products that are as natural as possible, and packed with nourishing ingredients such as Shea Butter (our Organic Bar Soap with Shea is perfect) which will hydrate and protect the skin. Don’t forget sunscreen! It’s vital that you continue to protect your skin from sun damage and that goes for your tattoo also.

The aftercare of your tattoo will be a lifetime process, although the initial healing should take around two weeks or so. We’re all different, so this is just a rough guide. If you are unsure about how your tattoo is healing, please do speak to a medical professional who can advise.