Three Little Vegan Picnic Treats

Summer and picnics often go hand in hand, and here at Little Soap HQ we love love love the whole dining al fresco scene.What better way to boost endorphins than to enjoy a relaxed meal out in the great outdoors? Whether it’s with the kids and juice or friends and fizz, picnics are such a staple of the great British summertime, it would be a shame to miss out simply because your way of eating doesn’t always match everyone else’s. These days, more and more are coming to realise that there are real benefits to following a vegan diet, and if you’ve read our previous post, you’ll know that it’s something we feel quite strongly about too. So without further ado, here are three little vegan picnic treats that will serve you well over the coming weeks. Do let us know what you think!

Three Little Vegan Picnic few picnic basics

No doubt you really don’t need us to remind you, but this year please, please stay away from the plastic! Take reusable plates, cups cutlery and straws, and a bag to bring it all home in if you don’t want it going in with any left over food. It’s a great idea to take along some biodegradable food caddy bags too, so that you can scrape the left overs into it and add them straight to your recycling bin when you get home. It’s also  great idea to bring along another bag or container to collect up anything else that needs to be recycled at the the end of the picnic too. Keep foods warm in a thermos wrapped in towels, and don’t forget your ice packs to keep other foods cold and fresh too. There’s nothing worse than food being inedible when you sit down to eat- all that effort wasted, plus food waste is not something we want to incorporate into our summer plans!

Three vegan picnic treats you’ll love

Just because it’s a picnic, it doesn’t mean you have to eat sandwiches, and just because you’re following a vegan way of eating it doesn’t mean you need to consume boring food either. If you’re not in charge of the picnic, gently suggest that everyone brings at least one thing (or more) they know they like to eat, plus one thing they know everyone else likes to eat too. That way, more people are forced to be mindful of other’s eating habits and there’s more chance of having a good spread of delicious foods to try. Here are just three delicious vegan picnic treats you can bring:

Tofu Kebabs

These little beauties are so easy to make, and so delicious too. Make enough to share round, as everyone is going to want to try! Find the recipe here, and experiment a little. You can add other vegetables to the skewers, and try different marinades if you have time. The point is that these little gems are perfect for picnics because they require no cutlery, no plates and and very little effort to make. Oh, and they taste devine!

Sweet potato and Quinoa falafel

Another easy to make dish that’s easy to transport to a picnic. These are like little bites of heaven so our tip here is to make enough to go round! Serve up with a fresh salad of rocket, watercress and avocado- yum! These will have to be made the night before, but they store really well and last for a few days in the fridge. Get the recipe here, and if you have time then scroll to the bottom to get the recipe for the delicious sounding yogurt and paprika dressing to go with them!

Raw chocolate and raspberry brownies

No picnic is complete without a dessert, and being vegan certainly does not mean you need to miss out. These little brownies are absolutely delicious, and again perfect for sharing… if you can! These will take a little longer to prepare, but honestly they are worth the effort and you will definitely thank us for it! Grab the recipe here and let us know how you get on!

A final word on picnics

Like most of you during the summer months, we absolutely love to be out in the fresh air, and picnics are such a great way to do this. The thing is though, that enjoying picnics comes with a couple of caveats, and it’s important that everyone enjoying the good company, good food and beautiful surroundings is aware of them. Please, PLEASE take all of your rubbish home. You must have seen the scenes recently of the rubbish left at a beautiful beach after the last bank holiday weekend. You’ve all seen the litter scattered around your favourite green spot. You all have a choice. If you see litter, please pick it up. Encourage everyone in your group to do the same. Help to protect our spaces, and make them places we can picnic for years to come. Remember that where we sit to eat is where many animals have built their habitats, so respect that and keep it clean and safe. Thank you!