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Three Little Tips: Healthy Eating for Your Skin

If you’re anything like us here at Little Soap HQ, taking care of your skin has always been a top priority. It’s the body’s largest organ, the outer layer we expose to the elements over and over- and yet its often the one thing lots of us tend to skip when it comes to self-care. How you’re doing on the inside is often reflected in your skin on the outside- and its often skin complaints (such as irritations, dry patches or red bumps) that reveal how you really take care of your body. So this week we’re taking a deeper look into the skin, with three little tips on healthy eating for your skin. Read on to see which tips you can take on board for better skin today.

Three Little Tips: Healthy Eating for Your
A word on why healthy eating is so important

Your skin’s cells are constantly and rapidly being renewed and its this process that requires tip-top nutrients as a support system for the skin. Think about it- if your body is working hard to rid you of the old, dead skin cells but you’re not supplying your skin with essential vitamins and minerals it needs to ensure the process happens smoothly and efficiently, the results can be less than optimal.

A balanced diet helps to ensure that your skin has everything it needs to keep the cell renewal process running smoothly, and that will be reflected in your skin’s overall health and appearance. Not to mention how your skin ages, and how it reacts to other stresses such as climate, irritations, pollution and infections. So with that out of the way, what are our top three tips when it comes to eating for your skin?

Stay hydrated

This is your reminder to fill up your bottle and drink some water! Staying hydrating has always been- and always will be- our number one tip when it comes to maintaining skin health, and there are so many reasons why. Your skin needs moisture in order to stay soft, supple and hydrated. If you’re dehydrated, even just a little bit, you can always rely on your skin to let you know. Classic signs include dry patches, dull appearance and even a slightly grey tinge. Not a good look! Our top tips for staying hydrated?

Three Little Tips: Healthy Eating for Your
  1. Keep a re-usable bottle with you at all times and set a goal to re-fill it at least 3 to 4 times a day. Set a reminder on your phone if you need to- as long as you drink plenty throughout the day!
  2. Eat foods that are naturally hydrating, with a high water content. Foods such as cucumber, watermelon, oranges, strawberries and spinach. The added bonus here is that your skin will also soak up the vitamins these foods provide too. Win win!
  3. Don’t mistake thirst for hunger. Sometimes we reach for a snack when really our bodies are crying out for water- so next time you feel peckish, have some water and see if that balances you out. If you’re still hungry, at least you’ve upped your hydration levels.
Prioritise fruit and veg in your diet

When you eat a balanced meal, make sure that its truly is balanced- your skin is going to thank you for it! When we restrict certain food types or food groups, we run the risk of depleting our body of essential minerals it needs in order to function properly, and yes this means that all important skin-cell renewal is in jeopardy as a result.

Eating lots of fruit and vegetables, in season, is always going to be beneficial for your skin due to the powerful antioxidants they contain. So what does this mean? Put simply, antioxidants help to protect the skin from free radicals such as pollution, smoking, and sunlight. Without this protection the skin can become damaged… hello wrinkles and sun-spots. Not the look we were going for! When you’re doing the grocery shop, choose deep coloured fruits and vegetables that will have carotenoids, some of which can be converted into vitamin A- one of the skin’s best supporters when it comes to cell reproduction. You also need a good stash of Vitamin C so that your body can product collagen, and to provide added procession against the formation of damaging free radicals. Plus- bonus- these fruits and vegetables will help to maintain moisture levels in body too, which we already know helps our skin look its best.

Eat enough!

Ok, so this time of year is hard. We’re bombarded with adverts and articles that are telling us how long we have left to get that ‘ultimate summer body’ and chances are we might also be holding on to one or two lockdown pounds too… the fad diets are calling! But please, don’t give in to them. Your body needs fuel and your skin does too.

If you are on a weightloss journey (which is obviously absolutely fine- you do you!), its always better to aim for a slow and steady pace so that you don’t deplete your body of the energy it needs to function well. Don’t be tempted to skip meals or to restrict certain food groups. Focus on eating a balanced diet and enjoying some movement, preferably outdoors. Losing weight too quickly can take a toll on the skin and the potential reduction of essential vitamins and minerals will eventually be reflected in your skin. Fuel your body properly, enjoy your food and look at nutrition as a powerful way to be the best possible version of you.